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Prepare for the SAT With a Word List

Whether you spent this summer break preparing for SAT or not, we at The Tutoring Center in Long Grove have made this vocabulary list with some examples to help you practice a little for the day of the test. Abhor: To hate, to detest. Example: I used to abhor my neighbour before I got to know him better. Remuneration: Pay for work done, be it in money, goods or services. Example: Volunteers do this kind of work without expecting any remuneration. Placid: Calm and peaceful. Example: The lake's placid waters glistened with the sunlight. Noxious: Toxic, poisonous, lethal. Example: The waters from sewers are filled with noxious waste. Renown: Fame. Example: He was well renowned for his ability to score goals in practically any situation. Tangent: Going off the main subject. Example: Don't go off on a tangent, and tell me what you were doing just now! Enhance: To improve, to make bigger or better. Example: Good pine nuts enhance the flavour of this basil pesto. Credible: Believable. Example: The children couldn't come up with a credible excuse and were grounded. Abstain: To keep from doing something. Example: I abstained from casting a vote on the third round. Plummet: To fall suddenly, to take a plunge. Example: The bird seemed to plummet to the ground, but rose again at the very last minute. Cryptic: Enigmatic, mysterious. Example: We didn't know what to make of his cryptic warning.

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