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The ACT may be a source of  anxiety to many students who are applying to college. Most higher education institutions accept this test as a part of their admission requirements, plus a good score could grant financial aid.

These reasons can overwhelm your children! That’s why at The Tutoring Center in Long Grove, we created the following post that will explain you some things you should know about this test.

What is It?

The ACT evaluates the competences a student has learned in school. The areas it measures are English, Mathematics, Reading, Science and there is an optional Writing Test. The questions are multiple-choice and it takes about 3 hours and 30 minutes to answer, plus 30 minutes if you are doing the writing test.

When to Do It?

Most students take the exam during the fall of their junior year; remember that the test is administered 6 times in different months, and your children should choose a date at least two months before college deadlines.

How to Prepare?

There are many ways to prepare for the exam: books, practice tests, preparation courses or independent study. We would recommend a preparation course, where a tutor can assess the strengths and weakness of your children. Plus, it will give them tips to answer the questions and manage their time during the exam.

The importance of this exam can’t be overstated! It’s a great step for a bright future and there is something you can do to help them prepare for this test.

At The Tutoring Center, we already talked to you about how to prepare your child for a test. But this is no ordinary exam. That’s why, we offer you SAT/ACT Prep. Programs, that will provide the tools your children need to achieve their goal score. Think about us, next time you are looking for tutoring in Long Grove.

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