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Getting back into school routines can be a bit of a challenge after a long summer. Use these tips to help your child get back to school successfully.

Tips for a Successful School Year

Most children aren't too excited by the return of school, however, there is no more putting it off. Now that the school year has officially begun, help your child take the right steps towards a successful school year.

Practice Time Management

Time management is a crucial skill all students should master because it will help them throughout their academic and professional life. No matter how young or old your child is, encourage them to learn to manage their time wisely. A great way to develop these skills is by staying organized and knowing exactly what they have to get done and by what date. Teach your child to prioritize assignments and activities so that they make better use of their time. Your child should also learn to eliminate distractions that can turn into huge time-wasters.

Find Something Interesting

It's unrealistic to expect your child to love all of their school subjects and develop a passion for them all. There will always be at least one subject they just don't enjoy and that's ok. To help them successfully make it through the class, find ways to make it fun. Look for fun activities that can complement their homework in order to keep them interested. Help them find at least one thing a week that they enjoyed about the class and stay focused on the positives.

Do All the Homework

It's easy to put off doing homework, especially when it's not due the next day. However, this can result in tons of homework assignments piling up, leaving your child feeling overwhelmed. Help them kick their procrastination habit for good this year. Set up daily homework and study time after school so that they can stay on top of their assignments. It may be a struggle at first, but it will help your child stay organized and on top of their classes. A new school year is another chance for success. Help your child have the best school year yet with the help of The Tutoring Center, Long Grove IL. Their tutors and academic programs can help your child stay on track all year. Contact them at (847)383- 5654 to schedule your free diagnostic assessment.

Make Time for Sleep

If your child still hasn't beaten their procrastination habit, this may result in them losing valuable hours of sleep. Without sufficient sleep each night, your child's concentration, attention span, and memory skills will suffer. Once your child has completed their homework in a timely manner, they should also follow a bedtime routine that will help them get to bed on time each night. Decide on an adequate bedtime and build a routine around that which includes time to shower, brush their teeth, and do some light reading or another activity that will help them relax and fall asleep faster.

Set SMART Goals

Help your child set goals at the beginning of the school year that will help them have something to work towards all year. SMART goals are the best type of goals because they are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and trackable. Instead of setting very vague goals, focus on goals that allow you to measure progress and that are very specific. Create a plan for each goal so that your child can be sure they're staying on track to reach their goal.

Stay Organized

A huge part of success in any field comes down to organization. Help your child stay organized this school year by providing them with key organizational supplies, including a weekly planner, a calendar, colored pens, and anything else that may help them along the way. If your child is a bit messy, schedule a weekly cleaning day that they can spend organizing their backpack and folders along with their homework area.

Ask for Help

There is no shame in asking for help. After all, no one knows how to do everything. Encourage your child to ask questions in class, especially if they don't understand a lesson. Although they may be nervous about raising their hand in class, let them know that everyone, including grownups, asks for help sometimes. Over time, your child will lose the fear of asking questions and participating in class, resulting in more effective learning. If you plan to enroll your child in tutoring this school year, be sure you're getting the best by asking these questions.

Back to School Tutoring in Long Grove, IL

If your child is struggling with a certain class, tutoring in Long Grove is the perfect solution. For the best tutoring support around, contact The Tutoring Center, Long Grove IL. Give them a call at (847)383-5654 to learn more.


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