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If you’re a student, then you’re aware that sometimes it can be hard to balance your academic duties with your other activities. There are social events to go to, sports to participate it, leisurely activities to engage in, and more; but at the same time, you don’t want to neglect school and your formation. 

If you’re currently going through this struggle, don’t worry. This post will give you a few tips on how you can create a balance between these areas in your life, so you can do it all successfully. 

How to Balance School and Other Activities


The first thing you need to do is get your priorities straight. You should stay motivated to do well in school, since these are the formative years that will prepare you for what’s to come. Do your best to focus on these tasks first so you can do your hobbies and other activities more joyfully.

Set a Schedule

Managing your time effectively is key in this situation. Having an agenda and creating a schedule are great ways to ensure that you’ll be more productive, which means you’ll have more time for yourself. Plan your afternoons and set a timeframe for each of the activities you need to complete (academic and otherwise). 

Develop a Strategy

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your duties, develop a strategy with which you can complete them more easily and effectively. For example, focus, start with the simpler tasks to get them out of the way, and divide more complex tasks into smaller, easier ones.

Have Some Incentives

As mentioned above, you should do your best to focus to avoid procrastinating and wasting time. However, if during a particular day, you just can’t seem to pay attention, have some incentives that can get you through it. For instance, if you finish early, you can watch a movie.

Plan Ahead

But what happens when your academic duties seem to overlap with other activities? If that’s the case, plan ahead! If you have a big event over the weekend, and a test on Monday, study throughout the whole week so you can attend. Just go through your notes once more before your test as a refresher.

Mix Them Up

Finally, nobody ever said that fun and academics couldn’t mix! For example, if you enjoy playing video games, there are some learning apps that will allow you to do just that and help you study. Or if you love hanging out with your friends, get together to work on your assignments.

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