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Tutoring in Long Grove, IL

“We have definitely seen improvement in his performance, but most importantly, his confidence.”  

Since opening in January of 2014, The Tutoring Center of Long Grove has heard similar phrases from many families.  We are very proud of the tutoring system we brought to our community, and the children’s progress has given us every reason to be proud.  As we move into another year, we look forward to being a part of the educational team for many more families.

Throughout the month of January, we are celebrating our birthday with our current families and many others throughout the community.  We would love to see you, so please come on by our center located in the Sunset Grove Shopping Center at Route 83 and Aptakisik Road in Long Grove.

For new families, we have some fantastic specials during the entire month.  As always, we offer a free diagnostic assessment and test consultation providing details on the strengths and areas of potential improvement.  New families will receive 50% off of the first month of tuition (the earlier you enroll, the better deal you’ll receive!) and the first registration fee will be waived.  While there are no long term contracts at The Tutoring Center, additional incentives apply for long term enrollments.  Please contact The Tutoring Center directly for details on this promotion and to set up your free assessment. 

The Tutoring Center of Long Grove has strong academic programs for reading, writing, and math (including Algebra 1 and 2, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, and Calculus).  Please call (847) 383-5654 for more details.  


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