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 All children, like adults, will tend to clam up in certain situations. Here at The Tutoring Center in Long Grove, IL, we come across many different children with many different ways of dealing with stress. The timid or shy child needs a little more guidance in confidence. Here are some practical tips for helping your hesitant child grow in self-confidence.

Avoid Profiling

It is extremely important that you and others avoid profiling your child as shy or nervous, either to your child directly or when you talk to others about her. If you keep coming up against people saying things in front of your child like, “isn’t she shy," or "she seems a little freaked out." Calmly and confidently respond with, "She likes to think things through before talking out loud,” or "She likes to listen to what others are saying before sharing her views." This will ensure your child is left with a positive view of herself.

Accept Their Feelings

If your child seems upset or fearful, accept his or her feelings with warmth and understanding. Avoid dismissing his feelings by saying things like, "Big boys don't cry," or "Look, Krissy isn't afraid of Santa, why are you?" Comments like these can only lead children to think that what they are feeling is not valid. This can make the child confused and lead to anxiety. Children who have the backup of their parents who understand and support their feelings, tend to be more confident and secure.

Allow Trial & Error

It is very tempting when faced with a timid child to step in and do things for them, but this can be counterproductive. When your child is approaching a new situation or is trying to learn a new thing, try to give him space to do so. Try not to interfere too much because it could make him hesitant and reliant on others. Let him learn through trial and error. This will help him develop confidence and a sense of achievement.

Encouraging confidence, focus and good grades for each child are the basic goals of The Tutoring Center. With our one to one teaching, a timid child would not have to worry about being in a group environment. He or she can flourish with their own learning styles. Give us a call for more information at (847) 383-5654.


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