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The holidays are a wonderful time of year and provide many opportunities for you to spend quality time with your children. No doubt your children are excited about Christmas, so why not harness this excitement and suggest some of these festive educational activities, courtesy of The Tutoring Center in Long Grove.

Christmas poems

Sit down with your children and all think of some words you associate with Christmas. Ask them to write poems including some of these words (you could ask them to suggest a theme, or let their imaginations run wild). You can adapt this activity to suit children of any age—if you have a young child the poem need not rhyme, if you have older children you could ask them to write a poem with a more complex rhyme scheme and advanced vocabulary.

Christmas around the world

Christmas’ ubiquity makes it a great opportunity to introduce your children to some other cultures. Ask them how they think other people celebrate Christmas, and discuss some of the traditions and habits found in other countries and throughout history. To help get their imaginations working, you could ask them to write stories about Christmas in a foreign land or what Christmas might have been like 200 years ago.

Christmas puzzles

It’s easy to create word searches, crosswords, and so forth based around the theme of Christmas, and these can be a great way to teach or practice spelling and vocabulary for younger children. Again, you can tailor crosswords to any difficulty so these are great for older children too.

Christmas crafts

If the weather’s keeping you and your children indoors, don’t waste the opportunity to engage in some creative pursuits. Creativity is an extremely valuable part of your child’s education, so why not suggest that you all create some beautiful Christmas cards, wreaths, decorations, and so on. See our guide to fostering creativity in your children for some more helpful hints. 

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