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Drawing as a Visual Learning Technique

If you have a visual learner at home, you've probably noticed they have a better understanding of concepts when they can visualize them. Your child may draw pictures, graphs or other visual items in order to help them study and retain information. Oftentimes, these are some of the best ways to encourage learning in a visual learner.

How Drawing Helps Your Child Learn

A visual learner will have an easier time understanding lessons and concepts when they get information out of an image or when written information is accompanied by a visual example. Encourage your child to include drawings in their notes or in their study material. By doing this, your child will visualize the information better and grasp the important points of the lesson. Drawings are also a great way for your child to express him or herself. This is especially true for very young children who may not count on a large vocabulary or great writing skills yet.

How Your Child Can Supplement Notes With Drawings

Adding drawings to class notes can be a great help for your child in multiple subjects. For example, adding drawn examples for math problems will help your child visualize equations in a way that makes sense to them. In science classes, drawings can help your child understand processes more thoroughly. When it comes to reading and writing, drawing will allow their creativity to flow and develop more ideas. Try asking your child to draw images of characters in a story as a way to get them to connect to the story.

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