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Tips That Can Help Make the End of the School Year Great

As the end of the school year approaches, help your child stay on top of their academics successfully.

Understand End of Year Anxiety

Many students suffer from anxiety towards the end of the school year because of how much is going on around them. End of year exams coupled with upcoming changes in routine and even in school can make it hard to focus and finish the school year strong. If your child is struggling with stress and anxiety, sit down with them to figure out what is causing it. Once the source of their stress is clear, it'll be much easier to solve the problem. If their stress is due to end of year exams, use these tips to help them work through it.

Talk About It

No matter what it is that is troubling your student, make time to talk with them about it. Listen and take them seriously in order to validate their feelings. As you work through whatever is troubling them, stay positive and keep them motivated. Avoid laughing at their problems and instead take them seriously so that your child can work through them.

Work Together

If your child is stressed out over upcoming exams, work with them to develop a study plan that will help them reach the grades they want. Encourage your child to use organization tools, like a calendar, to keep track of upcoming exam dates, deadlines, and presentations. If your child is struggling with their studying, look for additional help. Contact their teacher for help looking for additional resources that can help them prepare, or consider enrolling them in tutoring. If you think your child may benefit from tutoring, consider enrolling them in one of the many academic programs offered at The Tutoring Center, Long Grove IL.

Encourage Healthy Habits

Keeping up with everything going on at the end of the school year can become a bit overwhelming. This can lead to academic burnout and unhealthy habits. To prevent this from happening, encourage your child to maintain healthy habits, which include getting plenty of sleep every night, eating healthy meals and snacks, and participating in physical activities daily. Doing this can help them stay more alert and motivated while making their studying more effective. Help your child be as prepared as possible for their end of year assessments by enrolling them tutoring. The Tutoring Center, Long Grove IL can help your child develop better study habits while also helping them master their class lessons. Contact them at (847) 383-5654 to learn all about their tutoring approach and to schedule your free consultation.

Focus on the Finish Line

The upcoming summer break can be a real distraction for many students. Many of them may be more focused on summer plans than on end of year assessments. Help your child stay focused on their academics by creating a countdown at home. Figure out how many days are left of class and use a calendar to create a countdown your child can use as a daily reminder. You can also have some kind of reward waiting for your child once they finish classes.

Maintain a Positive Attitude

Believe it or not, maintaining a positive attitude can go a long way. Encourage your child to evaluate their current academic standing and where they would like to finish the school year. Remind them that it may take work to get there, but the extra work is worth the payoff. Develop a plan and stay positive as your child works to get there. Avoid negativity as this can lead to negative results. Stay informed and check up on your child's progress so that you can ensure they stay motivated.

Set New Goals

As your child takes the time to evaluate their current standing and their end goal, encourage them to write down a few new goals for the end of the school year. Although the start of the school year or the beginning of a new semester are ideal times to come up with goals, creating new short-term goals now is a great way to keep them working through the end of the school year. Help your child set SMART goals for their end of year exams or even for their final grades. Come up with a plan for each goal to help them stay on track. This may include studying daily and keeping up with homework assignments. Whatever their plan is, be sure they stay on top of it. Consider setting some sort of reward for when they reach their goal.

Make Time for Fun

The end of the school year shouldn't be all about exams and assessments; your child should also make time to participate in all of the fun actives around school. If your child is staying on top of their studying, help them balance it out with some fun. Encourage them to attend school dances or other activities that celebrate the end of the school year. Remind your child also to take breaks while studying. They can take short breaks so that they can return to their studying refreshed and more alert.

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