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As your child grows in mind and body and continues to be rather active, you know how important a healthy diet is. A diet full of vitamins and nutrients that will help your very active young ones might be easier to provide them with than you think. It is with your growing child in mind, that we at The Tutoring Center in Long Grove would love to share some superfoods that are great for active children.

Whole grains are a good choice of carbohydrate because they are rich in folic acid, iron, B vitamins, and a number of other things beneficial for your child’s development. They also release energy more slowly than other carbs, providing your child with energy and keeping them fuller for longer.

Tuna is a good staple in your child’s diet. It’s a good source of protein and healthy fats, and it’s rich in iron and zinc. It’s likely that your child loves tuna salad sandwiches, but you can also try breading tuna and pan-frying to make fishcakes for something a little different.

Eggs are a wonderful source of protein for your child, and they are also rich in vitamin D and a substance called choline, which has been shown to be beneficial for mental development. 

Yogurt and milk are both good protein and calcium sources, so be sure to include some dairy in your child’s breakfast. Try adding fresh fruit to yogurt for a simple breakfast, and making oatmeal with milk instead of water for added nutrition. Yogurt varies in its protein content, so take a look at the packaging to make sure you aren’t being shortchanged (100g of Greek yogurt can contain up to around 10g of protein, compared to some yogurt’s less impressive 2g).

Fruit and vegetables are obviously the cornerstone of a healthy diet. Focus on including green vegetables, rich in iron and vitamins, and berries, rich in disease-tackling antioxidants.

Providing a healthy diet isn’t the only way in which you can help your child flourish. Try following our guides, such as on helping children to stay focused. The Tutoring Center is also here to help your child reach academic excellence, offering free diagnostic assessments that will identify any areas in which your child would benefit from extra assistance. Give us a call at 847-383-5654 in order to set up an appointment for tutoring in Long Grove.


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