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Part of ensuring your child a well rounded upbringing lies in your ability to get creative in helping them become creative. It is a common misconception that creativity cannot be learned. While there are those who are more naturally inclined to creative pursuits, creativity is a learned process, which helps to improve brain function, as well as providing an excellent outlet to encourage your child. That being said, we would like to provide you with four steps to help foster the creativity of your child. However, following these steps will not only help grow the creativity of your child, they may prove to be quite fun for you too.

Process not Product

As adults, we live in a product driven world. What will the work that we are doing lead to? How quickly can we get a project done? However, when attempting to foster the creativity of our children, even of ourselves, we need to focus more on the experience. Ask your child what their favorite part of the process was.  How did they figure out what they were going to do? If they feel they have completed it well.

Resources are Essential 

Certainly there are some materials that will need to be purchased in order to spur on your child’s creativity. Crayons, sidewalk chalk, oil paints, playdough, the standard things. However, it is up to you to get creative with other materials your child can use in the creative process. How about some plywood instead of poster board as a canvas? Do you wish for your child to be more environmentally conscious? Brainstorm with them to come up with some ways to recycle and recraft used materials.

Avoid External Constraints

The rules, or external constraints, should be put to a minimum in the creative process. We are not suggesting that eliminate the rules altogether. For example, if you do not desire for your children to draw on the walls, that can still be a rule in place. What we do mean is, avoid constraints like drawing in the lines, or coloring a duck yellow because ducks are yellow. Allow your children to explore their imaginative whims.

Diverse Experiences 

While this is not to do specifically with the creative process, in order to encourage your child into creative thinking, expose them the way of others. Sharing different culture with your children, through art, food, books, music, language, cultural events in the area, or even film, is an excellent way to ensure they have a diverse array of experiences and will aid them in their own creative process.

The above tips will provide you with an excellent place to start the blooming of your child’s creativity. Remember that creative brains are active brains, but should you find that you need extra assistance motivating your child academically, we at The Tutoring Center in Long Grove are here to help you with all of your tutoring needs. Give us a call at 847-383-5654 to see how we can further assist you.


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