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How to Write a Great Essay

If there is one thing your child can't escape in school it's writing essays. From short essays in elementary school to personal statements for college admissions in high school, essays make up an important part of most children's educational career. That's why it's so important that you help your child become a great essay writer with these tips.

The Parts of an Essay

Although every essay your child writes may be different, there are some things that every essay should include. Some of the most basic components that should form part of every essay your child writes include the introduction, the body paragraphs, and the conclusion.

Introduction Paragraph

The introductory paragraph will be right at the beginning of your child's essay. This paragraph should be kept to a minimum and should get right to the point. In it, your child should introduce the topic of the essay and a broad overview of what will be covered in the coming paragraphs. It's important that this paragraph ends with a clear thesis statement. A thesis statement is used to explain the topic and the point of the essay. The thesis should be clear about the position the writer is taking as this is what they will be defending in their essay.

Body Paragraphs

Most essays will contain at least one body paragraph that will give support to the thesis statement. As your child gets older, the number of body paragraphs their essays will include will likely grow as well. Standard high school essays tend to call for at least three body paragraphs. Your child should use these paragraphs to support their thesis statement with solid main ideas and concrete evidence that backs up their argument. To keep things clear, it's best to dedicate a paragraph to each main idea your child will include as support for their thesis. For example, if your child's thesis claims climate change is real, then they would have one body paragraph dedicated to rising global temperatures, another one dedicated to the rising sea level, and finally one dedicated to warming ocean temperatures. As you may have figured out from this example, your child will most likely need to do some research in order to have some reputable information from credible sources that will strengthen their thesis.

Conclusion Paragraph

The final paragraph of your child's essay should bring their work to a smooth close. Including a conclusion will help prevent an abrupt end to an essay and will allow your child to sum up their ideas as a whole. Encourage your child to use this space to reinforce their thesis again and tie together all of their ideas one last time. Generally, a conclusion is also kept quite short and to the point. Whether your child is an avid writer or simply cannot stand having to write even a simple sentence, The Tutoring Center, Long Grove IL can help your child become a better writer. Contact their learning center at (847)383-5654 to learn about how their academic programs can help your child reach their academic potential this school year.

Tips to Make Your Essay Great

Although those main components should form part of all your child's essays, they are the bare minimum. Have your child follow these tips to make their essay even better.

Stay Organized

Organization is key when tackling any large assignment, and this too applies to essay writing. Before your child even starts writing their essay, help them plan out what they're going to write. Creating an outline with the main ideas that helps them see the order and flow of their essay will help them give their essay the best structure. Not only that but relying on an outline will also help ensure your child won't get lost along the way. They will always have a guide to help them stay on task without losing their focus.

Do Proper Research

If your child's essay requires that they do some research, it's best to get this done before they start to type up their essay. This will ensure they have all the information they need in front of them, making the writing process much smoother. If your child is researching while trying to write, they may not find the information they want and will end up getting wasting time and getting frustrated. Remind your child to write down their sources so that they can be properly cited in their essay and in a bibliography.

Write Multiple Drafts

Finally, let your child know that the first draft of their essay shouldn't be the one they turn in. Instead, have them print out this first draft and then self-review it for grammar errors, style issues, and any other problems they might catch. For better results, it helps to read the essay out loud. Once they have reviewed their own work, have your child ask some of their peers for feedback. Listening to other people's opinions can help your child catch mistakes or even learn new ways to strengthen their work. Once your child is satisfied with the revisions to their work, have them print out the final draft ready to turn in.

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