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Developing better writing skills will take some work, so it's important that your child doesn't get discouraged. To help them become a better writer, use these tips from The Tutoring Center, Long Grove, IL.

Tips to Become a Better Writer

Writing is a skill that all students must master because of how vital it is to their academic success and professional opportunities. To help your child develop their writing skills, use these tips.

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Work on the Basics

To start off strong, it's important that your child masters the basics first. When it comes to writing, having a solid foundation will only help them build their skills and improve through practice. Start off by helping them learn to write in complete sentences and use proper punctuation. These are the most basic skills they'll need to communicate properly through writing. After this, they can focus on expanding their vocabulary, different sentence structures, and developing their voice. It's also important that your child learns how to structure their ideas into paragraphs. This will help them express themselves in a way that makes more sense and will make their writing easier to read.

Plan Ahead

To get their ideas organized and clear, it's best to plan before putting pen to paper. Your child can do free-writes where they just write down whatever they're thinking, but this is more of a brainstorming exercise. After taking this initial step, they'll need to give their ideas more structure and order. Creating an outline is the perfect way to plan out a piece of writing before getting started on the actual writing. Have your child define the topic and main idea so that they have an easier time staying on topic. After this, they can plan the different paragraphs they'll include in their writing. They can define the main idea of each one and write down supporting evidence they'll use to make their writing stronger. Once they have this all planned out, their paper will start to take shape and be easier to write.

Do Some Reading

If your child is feeling uninspired, encourage them to do some reading. Diving into a book can fill their head with tons of new ideas, from new sentence structures to different styles of writing. They can take mental note of how other writers structure their work, how they develop a unique voice and even learn new vocabulary words they can use in their own writing.

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Give Your Child Feedback

Unfortunately for many students, their writing assignments often leave them with more questions than answers. They may receive an essay back with a letter grade and some spelling corrections, but not much more. In order to develop their writing skills, your child will need more specific feedback. Read your child's writing and sit down to talk about their work afterward. Talk to them about what they did well, what you liked, and also where they can improve. Be specific and give them ideas and pointers about how they can improve.

Create a Writing Routine

To become a better writer, your child will need to commit to practicing. Help them develop the habit of writing daily, whether it's in a blog, in their diary, or anything else. Develop a routine around this to make it more of an event. They can create their own writing nook, play a certain playlist that helps them focus, and get in the zone.

Experiment With Different Styles

Finally, as your child grows as a writer, encourage them to experiment with different writing techniques. Your child may be afraid to try new things in their academic writing, so encourage them to do this in the writing they do for fun. This can help them develop a unique voice or an original style that they will enjoy working on.

Enrolling your child in tutoring in Long Grove can ensure they stay on the right academic track. The educational programs offered at The Tutoring Center, Long Grovecan be just what your child needs to succeed. To learn more about these, contact their learning center at (847) 383-5654. Be sure to ask about your free diagnostic assessment!


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