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For young students, getting control over their own handwriting can take time. Don't stress over messy notes just yet and instead use these tips to help them improve their penmanship.

Help Your Child Improve Their Handwriting Skills

Young students who are just starting to develop their writing abilities may not get the hang of it right away. This isn't anything to worry about because just like with most things in life, they need time to develop these skills. If your child's writing is looking quite messy, avoid reprimanding them since this can make things worse. Instead, invest some time into helping them develop a more effective writing technique.

Take It Slow

One of the most common causes of messy and illegible handwriting is how fast your child writes. They may be trying to finish their homework quickly in order to have more playtime or they may be struggling to keep up while taking notes, leading to handwriting that looks more like hieroglyphics. The lesson here is to slow down and focus on forming letters properly. Remind your child that they don't have to write down everything their teacher says and that they will have plenty of playtime after completing their homework. Once they take the time to write down letters properly, they can build up their writing speed without compromising their neatness.

Reduce the Pressure

Students who are struggling to write in a legible manner often make the mistake of adding more and more pressure to their pencil as they write in hopes of gaining better control over it. Not only does this not work, but it can lead to even messier writing. If your child is ripping their paper as a result of the amount of pressure they're putting on their pencil, remind them to reduce the pressure and focus their efforts on forming clear letters. Writing more lightly will allow their handwriting to flow better, leading to overall better print.

Work on Motor Skills

Young students who are just learning to write may struggle to control exactly how they print letters on paper. Writing isn't the easiest of things to pick up because it requires a team effort involving your child's brain, nervous system, and muscles. To help them sharpen the skills needed to write clearly, practice other activities that can help improve their motor skills. Puzzles and craft projects can all help your child develop their motor skills and gain better control over the outcome of their handwriting. Developing new skills isn't always a breeze, and that's ok! Students looking for additional academic support can benefit from enrolling in tutoring in Long Grove. Check out the academic programs offered at The Tutoring Center, Long Grove IL to get your child the help they need. Give their learning center a call at (847) 383- 5654 to learn more.

Get a Good Grip

The way your child grips their pencil can greatly influence the neatness of their handwriting. While there isn't a wrong way to hold a pencil, most people find that holding a pencil against the end of their thumb and index finger is the most comfortable way to do it. If your child doesn't hold their pencil like this there's nothing to worry about as long as their way is comfortable for them. If you notice your child constantly drops their pencil or loses their grip, they may benefit from trying other gripping methods.

Use the Lines as a Guide

Lined paper will be your child's best friend as they work to develop better handwriting skills. The lines on lined paper provide the perfect guide when it comes to forming letter. Have your child use these lines to determine how big or small a letter should be. Capitalized letters should reach the top and bottom lines while lowercase letters should start at the bottom line and reach halfway to the top line. While practicing this, be sure to also pay attention to the spacing between their letters and words.

Take Time to Warm Up

Finally, warming up before taking on any writing task is a great idea. Have your child doodle, make some swirls, or telephone wires to help loosen up their wrist and fingers before starting to practice making letters. This will also help them gain control over their pencil while allowing them to get used to the pencil and paper they're working with. Let them have fun with it so that writing practice isn't seen as a total chore.

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