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If your child has a hard time getting motivated to do their homework, then it's likely that they put it off until it absolutely has to get done. Help them get rid of this bad habit using these tips.

Tips to Help Your Child Overcome Homework Procrastination

With the amount of stuff they have going on daily, your child may sometimes find they don't have enough time to do their homework. In many cases, however, this isn't true. Your child may just be leaving their homework for last because it's what they least want to do. If you find that your child is often procrastinating when they should be doing their homework, these tips can help them overcome this bad habit,

Create a Homework Routine

If your child does everything except their homework when they get home from school, creating a daily homework routine for them to follow can help turn things around. Instead of allowing them to play video games or zone out while watching television right after school, help your child settle into their homework routine. Prepare a healthy after-school snack and allow them some quick outdoor play time so that they can let go of pent up energy. After this, have them head over to their study space to get the day's homework done and out of the way before dinner time.

Make a Homework Plan

Before your child jumps right into their first assignment, help them create a plan for their homework time. To start, have them make a list of the assignments they have to complete by the next day as well as upcoming tests and projects or presentations. Have them prioritize the items on their list by putting them in order by most important to least in terms of how soon it's due. Once they have this in order, have them tackle their list in that order so that they get the most pressing items done first.

Talk About Accountability and Rewards

Your child may not be feeling motivated to get their work done, which can really make it hard to even get started. If this is the case, talk to your child about accountability. Remind them of their future goals and how doing their homework can help them achieve these. It's also worth reminding them that they are the only ones responsible for their grades and performance. If they do the work, this will reflect in their final grades and vice versa. Sharing their goals with friends can help them stay more accountable and top of their work. You can also have your child set rewards for themselves. Something small like more time to play video games can help them find the motivation they need to get their homework done. If your child needs some extra help completing those tough homework assignments that stress them out, tutoring in Long Grove can help. Check out the academic programs offered at The Tutoring Center, Long Grove IL to find the one that best suits your child's needs. To learn more about these or to schedule your free diagnostic assessment, give their learning center a call at (847) 383- 5654.

Break Down Tough Tasks

It's not uncommon for students to avoid large homework assignments or projects because they're intimidating. Your child may be overwhelmed leaving them stuck before they even get started. In these cases, it can be super helpful to break down these large assignments into smaller, easier to complete tasks. If your child doesn't know where to get started, help them do this so that they can take their assignment or project one step at a time. This will be much less intimidating and can help them learn how to break down things when they seem impossible.

Take Little Breaks

Taking breaks isn't a waste of time, but rather a very helpful way to ensure your child doesn't get burned out or overwhelmed. Schedule breaks into their homework and study time so that they don't end up just staring at a math problem for ten minutes without being able to process it. A small ten-minute break can be used to take a quick nap, go out for a walk, or prepare a healthy snack. This can help your child recharge their mind so that they can get back to their homework more motivated and focused.

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