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Tips to Solve Hard Math Problems

When confronted with a difficult math problem, most students want to give up before even trying to solve it. Confusing language, complicated formulas, and tricky numbers can all cause panic, especially in students who don't enjoy math. The next time you find yourself staring at a difficult math problem, remember these tips from The Tutoring Center in Long Grove.

Break It Down

Before you start setting up formulas and doing any calculations, read the question a few times. As you the read the question, focus on what kind of math problem it's presenting and what type of answer it's asking for. Is the question an Algebra problem or is it Geometry? Is it asking for length in inches or centimeters? Once you understand these important points, rewrite the question in a way that makes more sense to you. Focus on the important information the question is giving that will help you arrive at the correct answer.

Create a Plan

Once you understand the problem, start creating an outline or plan that will lead you to the correct answer. Break down your plan into several steps that will help you stay on track as you work. For each step, write down formulas you will need to continue moving forward. As you complete each step, stop and review your work in order to avoid simple mistakes that can cause you to arrive at an incorrect answer. Breaking the problem down into multiple steps that are clearly defined will make the problem less intimidating and easier to tackle.

Take a Break

If you just can't seem to arrive at the right answer and are getting frustrated, take a break from your work. If you're in the middle of an exam, move on to the next question to avoid wasting time. You can go back to the difficult question once you've cleared your head and are more relaxed. If you're working on homework, step away from your work area for a bit to help clear your head.

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