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Class notes can be a great tool when it comes time to study for exams. For them to be a great resource, you have to effective notes. To learn how to do this, continue reading.

Tips for Better Class Notes

Taking notes during class may not sound like the most fun thing to do, but well-taken notes can come in quite handy later on. If you take good notes, these can be used to revise for exams in a much more effective and complete manner. To take the best notes possible, check out these simple tips.

Listen While You Write

Many students make the mistake of solely focusing on getting notes written down in their notebook. Unfortunately, this means they aren't actually listening to what the teacher is saying. This results in them not even understanding what it is they're writing down. When it comes time to review before an exam, these notes won't be helpful because the student won't understand what they mean. To prevent this from happening, be an active listener and only write down what's important. Instead of wasting your energy writing everything down, listen to the lesson and write down key points.

Ask Questions

Actively listening while taking notes means that you'll be better able to absorb the lesson while also catching parts that don't make sense to you. When you do run into something you don't quite understand, don't be afraid to raise your hand and ask for clarification. This will not only help you understand the information better, it can also help your notes make more sense. Remember that if you have a question, it's likely that someone else has the same question, so don't hesitate to ask.

Be Prepared

Being prepared for class also means being better prepared to take effective notes. There are several ways to be better prepared, including doing the assigned reading and showing up on time and with the necessary materials. Doing the assigned reading will ensure you have a better foundation for the lecture and are able to keep up. Being on time will ensure you don't miss anything while having the proper supplies, like a notebook, pens, and highlighter, will ensure your notes are neat and follow a helpful system.

Highlight What's Important

With that said, don't overuse your highlighter or colored pens. These tools are perfect for making important information stand out among other, less important text. What that means is that you should focus on highlighting keywords and not the whole text. Stick to highlighting key dates, names of important people, important terms, and anything else you will need to remember. Highlighting this information will make it stand out, helping you find it faster as you study. Preparing for exams doesn't have to be hard thanks to the tutors at The Tutoring Center, Long Grove IL. They offer a number of academic programs that can help you prepare for all of your exams. To learn more about their learning center, contact them at (847)383- 5654.

Leave Some Space

Do your best to leave some space in your notes so that you can go back and add to them later. If you didn't quite understand something, missed a bit of what the teacher was saying, or need to elaborate on something a bit more, having a bit of extra space to fill this in will help keep your notes more organized and neat.

Share Your Notes

Unlike during a test, sharing your work is totally valid when it comes to notes. Get together with your classmates and share your notes for a complete set. You never know, one of your classmates may be able to help you understand something you're having trouble with and you may be able to return the favor by sharing something they missed while in the bathroom.

Find Your System

There are a ton of different note-taking methods you can look into if you don't think your current system is working for you. For example, the Cornell method divides your notebook pages into three sections. One section is for class notes, another you fill in after class with cues or potential questions that can arise from the notes, and the last section is used to write a summary of your notes. This isn't the only method around, so be sure to look into other ways of taking notes until you find the perfect system for you.

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Studying can be made easier thanks to tutoring in Long Grove. To find the perfect turning program for your student, contact The Tutoring Center, Long Grove at (847)383-5654. Be sure to ask about their academic programs as well as their one-to-one tutoring approach.


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