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It has happened to all of us: we read something and, right after finishing, we don’t know what it was about. Be it because of distractions or a lack of reading comprehension skills, fully understanding a text is one of the basic competencies every student should have.

At the Tutoring Center in Long Grove, we know some children struggle with this. That is why we have these tips to help you and them.


This should go without saying, but avoiding distractions is one of the keys to understanding a text. Some people can have background noise or music while they read, but in general, you want to avoid any external stimuli, especially with children.


Write as you read! An extremely interesting aspect of learning is our ability to remember what we write more than what we read. After every page or even chapter, write down a few notes of what you just read. Pay special emphasis on numbers or specific data. If it’s a novel, a character-relationship tree can both help keep track of the plot and of character names.

Discuss it

Reading the same material with your children and asking them questions later will help you make sure they are paying attention to what they read. Ask them for a recap! They are your biggest fans and will love to share their reading with you.

Read out Loud

If you or your children read out loud, it will help you understand each word that you are reading. When we read in silence, we usually take mental pictures of the text, skipping words and eventually sentences. By reading out loud, you are forced to mention every word.

At the Tutoring Center in Long Grove, we believe in the importance of reading. Our team offers expert tutoring in Long Grove that will help your child with reading comprehension, vocabulary, concentration, and more. Call (847) 383-5654 for more information.


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