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If you are a high school student thinking of getting a job while studying there are definite considerations to be made. It is necessary that you make certain evaluations prior to finding and getting a job. The Tutoring Center in Long Grove would love to help you in this process today by offering some words of caution, advice, and encouragement on how to manage a job while in high school. 


- Realize that if you are already having difficulty in school, adding an extra element to your schedule is not likely to help—if this is the case, you may want to consider working on academics before you take on anything more
- If you are doing well in school, but begin to notice your grades being negatively affected by your new job, you should consider either reducing your hours or quitting the job altogether


- Be sure to talk with your family about the new job and get their advice on how to balance everything
- Find out if there are any chores in the home you will be expected to do, and make time for those as well
- Continue to keep a study schedule before/after work and on your off days—for advice on how to stay focused while studying, thus making the most of your time, check here


While there are some negative possibilities that should be considered, remember that there are great advantages to be gained if you are able to continue your high school academics whilst working
- You are already starting to build your resume
- You’ll become increasingly aware of how to manage your time
- A job will give you a new form of responsibility
- As you are making your own money, it’s important to understand finances and how to manage them well

If you have decided to get a job in high school, but think you could benefit from a bit of extra assistance in one subject area or another, make a bit of extra time in your schedule to hire a tutor. For tutoring in Long Grove, remember The Tutoring Center. Contact us today to find out more about our programs and how we can help you reach academic excellence—(847) 383-5654.


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