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Encourage Productivity During School Breaks

Children often look forward to the winter season, not just because of the fun holidays, but also because it means a break from school. Winter vacation is a great time for your child to take a break from their regular school routine and relax for a bit. However, it's a good idea to encourage your child to remain productive during their time away from school. The Tutoring Center in Long Grove has some tips to keep your child productive during the winter days.

Get Some Rest

Once your child has made it to winter break it's likely they're looking forward to taking a break from early school schedules and piles of homework. Allow your child to get some rest and feel rejuvenated during their days off school. Help your child get plenty of sleep by setting reasonable bed times and wake up times. Being well rested will help keep your child productive during the day and prepare them to go back to school in January.

Incorporate Fun Activities

In between holiday parties, family outings and lazy days at home, keep your child busy with fun academic activities. Asking your child to help you bake holiday treats can be a great way to have them practice math skills. Counting ingredients and measuring items will have them apply math skills to everyday life. As you do your holiday shopping, have your child write down prices and add them up for a total price. You can also compare prices and calculate sale prices using percentages.

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Another great way to keep you child productive and in the habit of learning over winter break is by having them assist tutoring. The Tutoring Center in Long Grove offers programs focused in reading, writing, math and test preparation that can help your child improve their skills. Our one-to-one tutoring approach helps ensure your child gets the specific help they need. Give us a call at (847) 383- 5654 for more information or to schedule your free consultation.


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