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Your child may be tired after a long day of classes, but this doesn't mean they can use their after school hours productively. Use these tips to keep them going.

Increase After School Productivity

Many students may feel sluggish after school, but this doesn't mean they should spend the afternoon sitting on the couch playing video games. Get them into the habit of staying productive and engaged doing activities they enjoy. Below are some easy ways to keep your child going in the afternoon.


If you often feel sluggish after a day at work, the same sluggishness can apply to your child after a day at school. Be understanding of this lack of energy and do your best to help your child reenergize after school. Your child may benefit from a quick power nap since these can be restorative if they're feeling especially tired. Offer your child a healthy after-school snack to help them get some energy back. Avoid sugary snacks and drinks since these can help your child get some energy but will also lead to them crashing soon afterward. Instead, prepare a healthy snack that is rich in nutrients.

Create a Plan

If your child has an idea of what they want to do after school but they don't write it down or create a plan, it will be much easier for them to forget and opt for the video games instead. To prevent this from occurring, help your child create a to-do list as soon as they get home. This list should include homework time, study time, and some time that they can dedicate to a personal project and other goals they're working towards. Creating this list will help them feel more accountable and will encourage them to stay on top of their plans.

Enrolling Your Child in After School Tutoring

Whether your child needs help improving their grades or simply needs a bit more of a challenge when it comes to their academics, after-school tutoring is a great option. Tutoring isn't like school in that it provides a more relaxed and fun learning environment. It can help your child see improvements in their grades while also helping them develop their self-confidence and social skills. Even if your child is a great student, they can still benefit from tutoring. If your child could use some more academic support when it comes to understanding their school lessons, tutoring in Long Grove is the perfect solution! The Tutoring Center, Long Grove IL can help your child overcome their struggle areas while also helping them develop stronger academic skills. Be sure to ask about their different academic programs and how these can help your child succeed. Give them a call at (847) 383- 5654 to learn more.

Encourage Extracurriculars

Encourage your child to join one or a couple of the clubs and extracurricular activities offered at their school. Doing so will not only help them stay busy and out of trouble, they may even find a new passion. Joining these extracurricular activities can also help your child develop leadership skills while helping them make new friends. Another benefit they will get from joining extracurricular activities is that these always look good on college applications.

Join a Sports Team

After school sports are a great way to keep your child moving and while keeping them physically fit. If your child has tons of energy, channeling this into a sports team is a great option. Not only will they get in great shape, but they can also develop teamwork skills, learn about commitment, and become more disciplined. This is while also meeting new friends, developing their skills, and gaining self-confidence.

Maintain an Encouraging Attitude

Some students will be more proactive about asking their parents to join after-school activities and sports, while others may not think to do so. If your child hasn't asked about an activity they're interested in, ask them yourself if they're interested in anything or bring up options you think they may like. Once they find something they want to try out, be encouraging and maintain a positive attitude. Once your child has joined a club, a team, or is participating in an activity, ask them about it and show your interest in it. This will help them stay motivated to continue participating and improving.

Tutoring in Long Grove, IL for All Students

Whether or not your child is struggling in school, tutoring in Long Grove is always a great option. Contact The Tutoring Center, Long Grove at (847) 383-5654 to learn all about their different academic programs and tutoring approach. Don't forget to also ask about your free diagnostic assessment!


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