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Your learning style dictates or influences the way you perceive and assimilate the information you’re given. Needless to say, in order to have effective study sessions, you need to understand the type of learner you are and adapt your methods to suit you better. 

This is why The Tutoring Center in Long Grove has prepared this post so you can identify with a learning style and follow some tips to improve your studying skills.

How to Adapt to Your Learning Style 


This type of learner is primarily attracted to visual stimuli: colors, shapes, and spatial arrangements. This makes them especially good at remembering pictures, faces and videos.

- Use highlighters and colors to accentuate important information in your notes.
- Watch videos that refer to the lessons you’re trying to learn.


If you’re the kind of person that needs to do something in order to assimilate it, you’re a kinesthetic learner. They prefer practice, physical activities and touching things to learn better.

- Do experiments and practice runs regarding your school subjects.
- Take notes when you’re in class or studying so you can remember the concepts.


Lastly, there are those with auditory inclinations. This type of learner is especially good with sounds, music, speaking, listening, and processing and remembering auditory stimulation. 

- Have discussions with your peers or repeat the lessons out loud to yourself.
- Create stories and/or makeup songs with the information you should retain.

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