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When you decide that your child is in need of extra assistance in an academic area, you may considering hiring a tutor to assist you in this endeavour. While you are researching tutoring facilities, you’re likely to find several results. The Tutoring Center is not only prepared to assist your child in his or her academic pursuits, but this is done on a one to one basis, while also assisting your child to improve attention span, concentration, and focus. Below you will find more information regarding the importance of our academic programs. 

As you will find on our description page for our Academic Programs, we offer in our “Geniuses in Training” program, assistance to students who are struggling and are behind grade level in either Math, Reading, or Writing classes. 

Likewise, we provide an “Enrichment/Honors” Program for students who are excelling in one of these same areas and would like to be given extra challenges. 

We also have an SAT/ACT preparation program to help high school age students prepare for these important college entrance examinations. 

Lastly, for our clients, we offer free online homework help. 

It’s important to understand that all of our programs are completed on a one-to-one basis, ensuring your child is given 100% of the the tutor’s attention and assistance. Your child can feel comfortable to ask questions to a tutor who is there to help! 

Lastly, with The Tutoring Center in Long Grove, you can rest assured that our Free Diagnostic Assessment, prior to any tutoring assignment, will help us to determine just what your child’s strengths and weakness are, and how we can best assist him or her. After the diagnostic assessment, you will be provided with a personalized report to indicate where your child is excelling and where assistance is needed. It is important to keep in mind that your child may be excelling in one area, and need assistance in another. Therefore, it is quite possible for us to suggest, for instance, that your child be part of our “Geniuses in Training” program for reading, but part of our “Enrichment/Honors” program for math. 

If you are currently looking for tutoring in Long Grove, be sure to contact us at (847) 383-5654 to schedule a free diagnostic assessment for your child, so we can get started.


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