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If your child is starting their junior or senior year of high school, college is likely on their radar. Help them start their college preparations with these tips.

Help Your Child Prepare for College Applications This Summer

If your child is getting awfully close to applying to college, why not...
As a parent, chances are you've heard of the summer slide and its effects. This post can help you understand it better so that you can prevent it more effectively.

Facts About Summer Learning Loss and How to Avoid It

Summer break is what students look forward to all year, but teachers and school...
Summer is a great time to enroll your child in tutoring. Whether they struggled during the school year or excelled, all students can benefit from tutoring over summer break.

All Students Can Benefit from Summer Tutoring

If you've never considered enrolling your child in tutoring because you...

Tips That Can Help Make the End of the School Year Great

As the end of the school year approaches, help your child stay on top of their academics successfully.

Understand End of Year Anxiety

Many students suffer from anxiety towards the end of the school year because of how much is going on...

Signs That Indicate Your Child May Need Tutoring

There are many signs that indicate a student may need tutoring. The following cases are some of the most common indicators that a child could use additional tutoring.

Slipping Grades

Slipping grades is probably one of the most common reasons...

Useful Tips to Help Your Child Take on the SATs

If your child is preparing to take the SAT this year, use these tips and strategies to help them prepare.

Look for the Wrong Answers

This may sound like an odd strategy since the point of this exam is to find the correct answer. However, starting by...

How to Write a Great Essay

If there is one thing your child can't escape in school it's writing essays. From short essays in elementary school to personal statements for college admissions in high school, essays make up an important part of most children's educational career. That's why it's so...

How SAT Tutoring Can Make a Difference in Your Child's Scores

If your child is preparing to take the SAT, you probably already know just how important this test is. To help them be as prepared as possible, consider enrolling them in test prep classes. If you're not sure how SAT tutoring can help...

Kids and Tutoring

Tutoring is generally seen as a tool to help older students keep up in class, but it can be much more than that. As academics get more and more competitive, tutoring has become an important tool for students of all ages.

Early Age Tutoring

Although most people think tutoring is...

How Reading Tutoring Can Help Your Child Grow

Whether reading is your child's least favorite subject or their favorite class in school, they can always benefit from a bit of reading tutoring. If you're interested in enrolling your child in a reading tutoring program but aren't sure what these...


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