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Prepare for the SAT With a Word List

Whether you spent this summer break preparing for SAT or not, we at The Tutoring Center in Long Grove have made this vocabulary list with some examples to help you practice a little for the day of the test. Abhor: To hate, to detest. Example: I used to abhor...

The Benefits of Your Child Learning a Second Language

Whether your background stems from another culture and country or not, bilingualism can open a great many doors for your child if you are considering this option.

Increased Flexible Thinking

Bilingualism can give your child greater flexibility...

How to Create a Productive Homework Area

Now that summer is ending, the first day of school is within sight. Be ready for the new school year by getting organized and being prepared to tackle all your new homework assignments. A great way to make sure you get your homework done effectively and...

How to Prepare Your Child for Their Return to School

As summer starts to cool off, your child's return to school is imminent. Some children struggle with the idea of leaving behind their relaxing and sometimes adventurous summer days for the work they associate with school. Instead, get them...

Establish Healthy Sleep Patterns

Sleeping is a necessary activity that keeps all humans going. However, it is especially important that your child gets enough sleep in order to ensure they are healthy and performing well at school. Maintaining healthy sleep habits is one of many ways you can...
Here are some commonly confused words and tips to remember how to distinguish them.

Accept vs Except

"Accept" means to agree to something. "Except" is a preposition meaning things that were not included. Remember that "except" "ex-es" out things.

Adverse vs Averse

"Adverse" is unfavorable while...
With high school winding down, your child might be dreaming of a long summer vacation filled with video games and mindless activities. However, if your child is a junior or senior, then summer vacation may be the best time for him to start studying for the SAT and ACT exams. Here are a few...
Whatever the job your teenager is applying for, they need as much of an advantage as possible. As they travel through their regular learning path there are skills that your child will naturally develop, but this doesn’t mean you can’t give them a head start. Alongside tutoring, The Tutoring...
Getting your work done efficiently, to the best of your abilities and with minimal stress are some of the rewards of positively managing your time as you work. Putting off work until the last possible moments will usually put you in a messy situation. In order to avoid the stress of...
Follow a routine this spring and summer to help your children stay in the educational mood while enjoying the warm weather and time out of school. Many children see the warmer weather and summer vacation as a time to escape from school. To avoid losing essential skills, such as reading, and...


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