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If your child struggles to stay on top of their school work, turn it around this year. Check out the following tips to help your child have a successful year of classes.

How to Plan for a Great School Year

For many students, the start of a new school year can cause them a lot of stress and anxiety. On top of that, daily classroom work and upcoming tests can make it worse. An easy way to combat some of this stress is by being prepared. The tips below can help your child be better prepared.

Get Your School Time Routine Together

Having a school-time routine can help your child make better use of their time. The better they are at managing their time, the less stressed they may feel about homework and studying. Your child can greatly benefit from having an after school routine that helps them get in the groove of getting their homework done in a timely manner so that they have more time to relax or for other extracurricular activities. Your child may have a lot on their plate during the school year, so be sure their routine allows them to relax and recharge regularly.

Set New Goals

Before the school year starts, sit down with your child and discuss with them what they would like to accomplish this school year. Use these ideas to develop some SMART goals that will keep them motivated throughout the year. Their goals should be specific enough that you can measure their progress through the year and check-in along the way. Remind your child that they can create short-term goals and long-term goals so that they don't limit themselves. Be sure to post your child's goals somewhere in the house where they can see them and not lose track of them through the year.

Organization Is Key

If possible, start gathering the supplies your child will need for the school year so that they're as prepared as possible from the start. Some teachers may give them a list of supplies required for their class on the first day, so get these as soon as you can. Before then, purchase some basics, like lined paper, notebooks, a backpack, pens, and pencils. Throughout the school year, make sure your child keeps their backpack, desk, and locker organized. They should clean these out at the end of every week to prevent them from getting out of control. To help your child stay on top of their academics this year, enroll them in tutoring in Long Grove. Check out the academic programs offered at The Tutoring Center, Long Grove IL to find the right one for your child. You can learn all about these by giving their learning center a call at (847) 383- 5654.

Take Proper Class Notes

Taking notes may sound pretty basic, but there is actually some technique that goes into it. Your child will have to be in class on time and will have to listen intently as they take notes. Remind them that they don't have to write down everything the teacher says, but instead, they should focus on the most important points. They should also develop a system that makes the most sense to them since they will be using these notes to study. They can use colored pens, highlighters, and other tools to keep their notes organized.

Find Your Learning Style

Not all students learn the same way. Some students may learn more effectively through images while others may learn better using auditory material. Take some time to figure out what your child's preferred learning style is so that they can use this to study more effectively. Once you know their learning style, look up some study techniques that are perfect for their style.

Ask for Help

Many students may be afraid to admit they don't understand a lesson. They may not want to ask for help in the middle of class and in front of their peers because they feel like they're the only one who doesn't understand the lesson. Let them know that asking questions in class is never a bad idea, but they can always ask the teacher questions after class as well. If they feel like they need additional help, going to after school tutoring is also a great option.

Academic Tutoring in Long Grove, IL

Enrolling your child in tutoring in Long Grove can ensure they stay on the right academic track. The academic programs offered at The Tutoring Center, Long Grove can be just what your child needs to succeed. To learn more about these, contact their learning center at (847) 383-5654. Be sure to ask about your free diagnostic assessment!


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