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The playground is a great place for your child to learn muscle functions, coordination, and socialization. Unfortunately one unruly child and an unaware parent can ruin a playground experience for all. Both you and your child should be courteous and consider the safety of others when visiting the playground. We at The Tutoring Center here in Long Grove, IL would like to give you a few tips on playground etiquette

Tip #1 - Assume Responsibility for Your Child

Just because you walk through the playground gate doesn’t mean your child is suddenly on his own to have a good time. The responsibility for his safety and his behavior towards others is yours alone. Don’t zone out. Pay attention and supervise your child. Be ready to intervene when necessary.

Tip #2 - Cooperation

Use tact when it comes to the appropriateness of disciplining someone else’s child. Try soliciting cooperation from a child that’s behaving badly. “My child wants to go down the slide and if you don’t move, he may hurt you. Could you please move?” If cooperation is not granted, do not physically move the child, seek out the offending child’s parent and ask for help. Never lay hands on someone elses child unless you see him about to seriously hurt himself or another child. You could end up being the target of one angry bear of a parent.

Tip #3 - Put Away the Smart Phone

While many parents take advantage of the time their child is playing at the playground to catch up on their emails, phone calls and texting, doing so is really not appropriate. Children need constant supervision while on the playground, especially when it is crowded. Children can easily hurt themselves when unsupervised. Remember, you’re not only responsible for your child’s safety, you’re responsible for making sure that he doesn’t cause injury to others as well.

Tip #4 - Taking Turns 

If your child has been swinging on the swing and a line starts to form, that’s your cue to wrap it up. Rather than make it a negative that your child has to end his turn early, use it as an opportunity to teach him about sharing and playing with others.

Tip #5 - Adhere to the Age Limit

There’s nothing more irritating at the playground than a ten year old barreling down the slide designed for children ages three and under. Bring your child to age-appropriate play structures and ensure that they aren’t playing where they aren’t supposed to.

Tutoring in Long Grove

At the playground, every parent or caregiver has to be their own child’s monitor. Take your role seriously. Academically speaking, if your child needs help with any of his after school studying, give The Tutoring Center a call at (847) 383-5654.


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