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How to Prepare Your Child for Their Return to School

As summer starts to cool off, your child's return to school is imminent. Some children struggle with the idea of leaving behind their relaxing and sometimes adventurous summer days for the work they associate with school. Instead, get them excited and ready for school. The Tutoring Center in Long Grove has some useful tips to help make your child's transition back to school easier.

Regulate Sleep Schedules

Your child may have enjoyed staying up late and sleeping in during the summer, but it is important that they get used to a school friendly sleeping schedule. Make sure your child goes to bed at an appropriate hour that assures they will get enough sleep. Wake your child up at a reasonable hour that assures they will have enough time for their morning routine. Healthy sleep habits are very important and will help ensure your child is ready to take on the day.

Practice Your School Routine

The last few weeks of summer vacation should be used to prepare for your child's return to school. Have your child practice going to bed on time and getting up in the morning. Your child should go through their morning routine as if it were a school day. This includes brushing their teeth, getting dressed and having breakfast. It is a good idea to plan morning activities in order to make sure your child is ready at a certain time. This practice will make sure your child is ready to go when the school years starts up again.

Sign up for Tutoring

If your child didn't participate in summer tutoring, now is the perfect time to sign them up. As your child makes the transition back to school, a tutor can give them the extra support they need with their homework. Don't wait for your child's report card to let you know where they might need extra help. Instead, get a head start and make sure your child feels confident taking on all their subjects as school starts up again.

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