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Tests may be one of the most nerve-wracking situations for any kid in school. In order to help your child be prepared and do great in them, follow these tips The Tutoring Center in Long Grove has for you!

How to Help Your Kid Prepare for a Test!

Start from the Beginning

Make sure your kid goes over his/her notes regularly, and doesn’t wait until the last minute to study!


His/her notes should be on point! They’re his/her primary study material, so help keep them organized!

Likewise, advise your child to ask his/her teacher if there are any doubts, so every lesson is crystal clear!


There are a lot of ways to study (like drawing charts, or making up a song about it) to ensure that the information sticks. Pick the one that helps him/her the most and put it to good use!

Keep the Interest

Use a reward system, appeal to his/her sense of responsibility, or make up games to keep him/her focused!

Take Breaks

Saturating his/her brain with information won’t make the learning experience better! Make sure to set breaks so s/he can rest.

Avoid Stress

If this is a big test, then he/she shouldn’t be worried about anything else! At the same time, make sure s/he understands to trust in his/her knowledge to avoid getting nervous!

Be Healthy

Eating and sleeping well are key factors in guaranteeing that your kid will do well in school!

Stock Up!

Remember to get him/her everything s/he needs for the exam: rulers, a new eraser, calculator, etc.!

Get Help!

If you want your young child to do great at school, especially in subjects where you know there’s a bit of trouble, then a tutor may be in order! The Tutoring Center has experienced tutors in Long Grove that will provide your kid with their undivided attention so s/he can learn effectively!


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