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Ahhhh, yes!  We can finally see light at the end of the tunnel.  After a brutal winter, summer is quickly approaching.  It's that time of year that we start thinking about summer vacations, swimming, outdoor activities, and trips to the park.  Kids start thinking that school is out and they don't need to learn anything for three months except how to get to the next level on their favorite video game.

That mentality leads us to the fact that students lose, on average, nearly 2 months of academic skill in reading and math during their time off of school.  This is a cumulative loss year after year and is causing us significant burden on the educational system.  There are estimates that reteaching forgotten material costs nearly $1,500 per student each year, or more than $18,000 for a typical K-12 career (Fairchild & Boulay, 2002).

The Tutoring Center offers several academic programs that can help prevent the summer slide.  In fact, many students that attend during the summer will catch up and jump ahead of the class in preparation for the upcoming year.  Our math program, for example, pre-teaches concepts that will be taught in the fall.  This better prepares the students and increases their confidence as they are familiar with the concepts.  All programs have been proven to increase concentration span and focus.

Please contact The Tutoring Center to schedule your free diagnostic assessment and test consultation.  We will tailor your child's program based on the assessment and conversations with you and your child.  Our innovative one to one approach rapidly increases academic skills and provides your child the confidence they need to make the upcoming year the best they've had.


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