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Students who are planning to attend college will very likely be required to take the SAT. If this is coming up for your child, help them prepare for the test with these essential SAT prep tips.

Get Ready for the SAT With These Useful Tips

If your child is registering for the SAT soon, they may already be feeling the pressure around the test. Since the test can make a big difference when it comes to college applications, it makes sense for your child to feel some stress and pressure. To help them overcome this pressure, it helps to be fully prepared for the exam. Use the tips below to help your child be prepared for their SAT test day.

What's Included in the SAT?

As a parent, you may think you know everything there is to know about the SAT. However, the SAT seems to be constantly changing. Because of this, it's best to get to know the exam right along with your child. From getting to know what the exam is testing to what sections it includes, knowing exactly what to expect can make the test easier to prepare for and therefore less intimidating. The test includes three sections which aim to test your child's reading, writing, and math skills. These are broken down further into a reading section, a writing and language section, a math section, and an optional essay section. In the reading and writing portions, your child will have to read some passages and answer multiple choice questions based on these passages. The math sections will be broken down into portions where a calculator is allowed and another where calculators are not allowed. Your child's algebra, basic geometry, and basic trigonometry skills will be put to the test in these portions. Finally, the essay portion is optional because not all universities require it for their entrance applications. If your child will be completing this section, they should be prepared to read a passage and write a full essay analyzing how the author builds their argument to persuade the reader. Get your child the extra help they need to get their best SAT score with some help from tutoring in Long GroveThe Tutoring Center, Long Grove IL offers SAT prep programs that can help your child improve their test score. To learn more about these or any of their other academic programs, give their learning center a call at (847) 383- 5654.

How to Prepare for the SAT

Now that your child knows what the SAT will test them on, it's time to start preparing for the test. As soon as they register for the exam, have them take a practice test so that they can see where they stand. This will help them pinpoint their areas of need and what areas they have mastered. This will be valuable information as they start to create a study plan leading up to their test day. If they want some extra support, a tutoring program is always a great option. A tutor can help them when they get stuck and can also help to keep them motivated when they no longer feel like studying. Although studying is important, encourage your child to take it easy the day before the exam so that they feel more relaxed the morning of their test.

Test Taking Strategies to Conquer the SAT

On top of studying, it's worth making time to practice some useful test-taking strategies that can help your child reach a higher score. Start off by ensuring that your child knows there are no penalties for wrong answers. This means that even if they don't know the answer to a question or if they're running out of time, they should still answer every question on the exam. Time management will also be a huge help. Your child should focus on answering the easy questions first since these will add up to easy points. The remainder of their time should be used to try and figure out the answers to the remaining questions. Since most of the questions on the SAT are multiple choice, teach your child to eliminate obviously wrong answer choices so that they can get closer to the right answer even when they're not so sure.

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