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Even before your child begins school there are likely areas you see he or she is excelling in. Perhaps, given that observation, you have some idea as to what your child will be interested in doing as an adult. As parents, it’s natural to make plans or have ideas for our children. While they are still young, we are thinking about their high school opportunities and university choices.  Though we do not control all of the decisions our children make, there are certainly steps we can take along the way to provide them with more opportunities to excel in the future. One such idea is to encourage your child to learn a second or perhaps even third language at a young age. The Tutoring Center in Long Grove would like to share some of the benefits of learning a foreign language with you today. 

Statistics indicate that you can expect that your child will do better on standardized tests than his or her monolingual peers. The reasons for their higher averages are as follows: 

As your child begins to delve into a new language he or she will begin to understand the intricacies of the first language to a greater extent. As new vocabulary and complex grammatical structures are understood in the new language, the original language becomes more fluid and the child is likely more able to understand why the grammar in the first language is structured as it is. 

Not only that, but your child is also likely to begin exhibiting improvement in other academic areas. When a new language is being learned the brain is being used differently than normal This helps your child’s thinking to expand. As some languages seem more mathematically structured, for example, you may find your child understanding math more easily. 

Other than the obvious academic benefits, we must not forget that learning a new language will also make your child more culturally aware. Your child has now got a whole new world of entertainment and learning open to him or her, that was not there before. Literature, music, and movies in the second language are now accessible. 

Lastly, think of the career opportunities your child will have available in the future. Not only jobs in countries where the learned language is spoken, but also in fields such as translation and education. 

Your child will certainly thank you for the new possibilities opened up to him or her because of this language acquisition. As your child is moving through the educational process remember the importance of sleep, as well as the possibility that there is an area in which your child is in need of some assistance. Remember that The Tutoring Center has a professional tutoring staff prepared to assist at any time. For tutoring in Long Grove, be sure to contact us at (847) 383-5654.


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