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Signs That Indicate Your Child May Need Tutoring

There are many signs that indicate a student may need tutoring. The following cases are some of the most common indicators that a child could use additional tutoring.

Slipping Grades

Slipping grades is probably one of the most common reasons parents enroll their children in tutoring. If you notice your child is consistently struggling to complete homework or is having a hard time keeping up in a class, they may be in need of extra help. This is especially true if your child is trying hard and putting in a lot of effort but just can't seem to get their grades up. If you notice a struggle, it's best to regularly check on your child's grades and keep in touch with their teacher in order to solve the issues. Enrolling your child in tutoring can also help them improve their understanding of a subject and consequently improve their grades.

Lack of Time Management Skills

If your child is constantly procrastinating and cramming for exams, figure out what the root of the problem is. Although some parents may think their child is just lazy with their assignments, there may be another more serious issue at hand. Some students procrastinate because they're overwhelmed by their workload while others don't understand their work, and so they ignore it until it absolutely must get done. On other occasions, this issue may be due to a child's lack of organization skills. Whatever the case is, a tutor can help your child develop the proper skills to complete their work and excel in school. Click here to find the best tutoring program at The Tutoring Center, Long Grove IL that addresses your child's needs.

Lying About Homework

If your child consistently doesn't have any homework, you may want to double check with their teacher. This is particularly the case for older students whose workload tends to increase as they progress through school. Lying about not having homework may not always be about being lazy, it can reveal other issues. Your child may be avoiding work that they don't know how to complete but are too embarrassed to ask questions about. Your child may also be feeling overwhelmed by school and shutting down once they arrive home. Help your child by enrolling them in a tutoring program that addresses their needs, and that can help them get back on track. If your child could use after school tutoring to keep up in class, The Tutoring Center, Long Grove IL can help. They offer classes that can address all of your child's needs. Contact them at (847)383-5654 to learn more about their academic programs and tutoring approach.

Avoiding School

If your child was fond of school but is suddenly avoiding going at all costs, it's worth investigating why. Usually, students who are trying to avoid going to class have a reason they're too embarrassed or scared to talk about. If your child is having a hard time understanding lessons and is falling behind, they may no longer want to be in that environment. Your child may also start to lose interest in school because they're feeling overwhelmed by their commitments and just don't have it in them to keep up. If your child is making frequent trips to the nurse's office, trying to convince you to let them stay home, or calling you from school, talk to their teacher to figure out what is going on. Tutoring may be able to address some of their needs and get them back to enjoying school.

Dipping Self Confidence

Another issue that tutoring can address is a dip in your child's confidence at school. If your child has trouble understanding lessons, their self-confidence can be affected. They may be embarrassed to ask questions in a classroom where everyone seems to understand everything and will instead keep quiet as they struggle. Your child may be left feeling embarrassed by their dipping grades and may even feel hopeless when it comes to school. If your child is making comments referring to themselves as stupid, not smart enough, or any other negative self-association, get them help with tutoring. A tutor can spend extra time on the areas that your child struggles in, helping them improve their grades and their self-confidence.

You Can No Longer Help

There comes a time in most parents' lives when they may no longer be able to help students with homework. While you can continue to motivate and encourage your child to do well, you may no longer be able to solve math problems with them, and that's ok. Do your part by motivating and finding additional resources for your child. Driving them to tutoring classes, keeping a positive attitude, and staying informed about their school life can all help your child succeed. If you're not sure how to keep your child motivated, use these helpful tips.

After School Tutoring in Long Grove, Illinois

Help your child keep up in class by enrolling them in after school tutoring classes. Contact The Tutoring Center, Long Grove IL to find out all about how their academic programs and tutoring approach can benefit your child. Call them at (847)383-5654 to learn more.


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