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How to Stay Organized for School

Staying organized during the school year can prove to be a challenge, especially if you don't have an organization system. The Tutoring Center in Long Grove has some tips to help you step up your organization techniques.

Purchase the Necessary School Supplies

Having the necessary school supplies can make the difference between a messy, disorganized school year and a well organized, tidy year. Basic supplies include a backpack for transporting necessary items, a pencil pouch to keep your pens and pencils in order and a binder to hold loose pieces of paper and worksheets. These basic items will make organization easier, but there are many more supplies that can take it further. Consider using dividers in your binder, paper-clips to keep papers together and colored pens or highlighters to keep notes organized.

Keep Things Tidy and Clean

Once you have the supplies you need, you will need to maintain them in the right shape. Store papers in their proper place inside your binder. Toss unnecessary papers and worksheets once they're no longer needed. Declutter your backpack by throwing out any items in it that you no longer need. If you have a locker at school, avoid leaving clutter in it.

Use an Agenda or Planner

A great way to keep track of assignments, deadlines and test dates is by writing them down. A weekly planner or agenda will help you stay on top of your work as long as you write down your assignments and due dates in it. An alternative to a planner you can carry around is a calendar. Choose whichever option you think will help you stay organized more effectively.

Tutoring in Long Grove, Illinois

The Tutoring Center in Long Grove can give your child the academic support they need. Our one-to-one tutoring programs focused on reading, writing, math and test preparation can help your child grow academically. Contact us at (847) 383- 5654 for more information about our academic programs or to schedule your free consultation.


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