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As the school year begins, it begins with great possibilities. Possibilities to make new friends, learn new concepts, and get off to a great start. Unfortunately there is another possibility that we certainly hope doesn’t happen to your child, the possibility is that of being bullied. 28% of children between 6th and 12th grade admit to having been bullied, and the numbers are even greater when we consider that 7-10 kids feel that they have been cyberbullied, alone. The truth is that the problem doesn’t seem to be going away, and it is with that in mind that The Tutoring Center in Long Grove would like to give you a few tips to help you deal with it, should you find out your child is being bullied. 

Any repeated physical or emotional harm from one person or group, to another, is considered bullying. The following are the most common forms: 
- threat of physical harm or acting on physical harm
- spreading of rumors and/or cyber bullying
- teasing, name calling

*Remember that often more than one form of bullying is happening simultaneously 

What you should do:

- Confide in someone you trust to help you through the situation
- Know that you did nothing wrong and you are not the one in need of change
- Keep a record of what is said and done to you
- Take action by telling the appropriate authorities to help it stop, bullies who go unchecked, remain bullies 

What you should not do:

- Do not believe what you’re being told by the bully. There is nothing you’ve done wrong
- Do not attempt to handle the situation alone
- Do not hide it from those who can help
- Do not respond with violence, if at all possible

Remember that one of the major side effects of being bullied is decreased interest in school, accompanied by a decreasing GPA. Once you and your child have begun to work through the situation of bullying, with the school, and other involved parties, rest assure that The Tutoring Center is here to help get your child back on track. Give us a call to schedule an appointment for tutoring in Long Grove, (847) 383-5654.


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