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It can be difficult for your child to return to their old academic routines at the start of the school year. However, establishing more efficient routines can make the year much more of a success.

Establish School Year Routines

The start of the school year can be quite a challenge for many families. Getting school drop-offs coordinated or even just getting your children out the door in the morning can be tough. To make it all easier, establish some helpful school time routines this year. To start planning your routines, use these tips.

Create an After School Routine

As soon as your child is done with school for the day, they'll want to forget about academic altogether. Unfortunately, they very likely have homework and studying that still needs to be completed. To make this easier, use these tips to create an after school routine. To start on the right foot, greet your child positively as soon as you see them after school. Ask them about their day, what they learned, and about anything fun or exciting they did at school. This will help them maintain a positive attitude as they wind down and get ready to jump into their homework time. Most of the time, students will be tired and will need to recharge a bit before doing their homework. Before having them sit down to complete their work, give your child some time to refuel with a healthy after school snack and maybe with a short 10-minute nap. Don't let their nap extend longer than 15 minutes since this will make it harder for them to get up and get to work. For students who have a lot of pent up energy, they need to release before they can focus on homework, schedule some after school playtime. Once your child is recharged and ready to focus, have them head over to their study space. This can be the kitchen table, the study, or any place you've set up for them where they can successfully complete their homework without getting distracted. Be sure they start their homework at the same time every day so that this turns into an easy to follow routine. Don't forget to keep this space fully stocked with all the tools they'll need to complete their work. Enroll your child in tutoring in Long Grove for the best school year yet. The academic programs offered at The Tutoring Center, Long Grove IL can help your child reach their academic goals. To learn more, give their learning center a call at (847) 383- 5654.

Establish a Bedtime Routine

After a long day of learning, getting to bed may not sound like a challenge. In many cases, students can have a hard time getting to bed or falling asleep at a reasonable hour. To ensure your child gets plenty of sleep and rest every night create a bedtime routine using these tips: Set a bedtime. Your child should be in bed at the same time every night so that their body gets used to going to sleep at that time daily. This will make it easier for them to fall asleep on time every night, ensuring they get the rest they need. Practice calming activities. Leading up to their sleep time, help your child wind down from their day by practicing calming and relaxing activities that will make falling asleep easier. A warm bath and some light reading in bed can do the trick. Leave the gadgets for tomorrow. Your child may love to check their social media accounts while laying in bed, but this will be no good for their sleep. The blue light emitted by handheld gadgets like tablets and cellphones can make it harder for your child to fall asleep and get the rest they need.

Practice a Morning Routine

After a night of good rest, getting ready in the morning should be easier. With a morning routine, getting out the door on time can be a breeze. Your child's morning routine should start with them waking up and getting up at the same time every morning. Since they got to bed on time the previous night, they'll be less groggy and sluggish as they brush their teeth, do their hair, and get dressed. To make this even easier, have them pick out their outfit and pack their backpack the night before. This can significantly cut down on morning chaos since everything is ready to go. Finally, have your child sit down for a nutritious breakfast that will have them get fueled up for their day. Once this is all done, they'll be ready to head out the door on time without any added stress.

Academic Tutoring in Long Grove, IL

To get your child the academic help they need to make this year a success, enroll them in tutoring in Long Grove. For the best results, check out the academic programs offered at The Tutoring Center, Long Grove. Contact their learning center at (847) 383-5654 to schedule your free diagnostic assessment.


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