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As a parent of a young child who is just beginning school, you may be struggling with the idea that you’ve just begun to understand playground etiquette and your child and you are now attempting to help your child learn and keep the best study habits. It is certainly never too early to encourage your child to learn to study well and to develop a lifelong desire to learn. A great way to help your child get to this stage, if it doesn’t come naturally, is by providing him or her with a tutor. For tutoring in Long Grove, remember The Tutoring Center. Today, we would like to provide you with a few of the simplest ways to ensure your child becomes a great studier and test taker. 

Studying Habits:

  • Designate a space for your child to study, and help him or her to get into the habit of going to this particular space when studying is going to occur
  • Remind your child that the importance of doing homework is not always for the grade, but to help him or her get as much practice as possible
  • Taking notes that are well written and thorough is the first glimpse into what will be covered on an exam, remind your child that he or she will do well to write down all that the teacher says and check if there is anything he or she does not understand well
  • Once your child is made aware that a test is upcoming, be sure that you set extra time for him or her to study each night. Your child should get in an hour of studying each night for about a week before the test. There is nothing wrong with studying the night before an exam, but you’ll want to help your child avoid the harsh reality of that being the only night he or she studies

Test Taking Habits: 

On the day of the exam, you can help your child not only by encouraging him or her to eat a balanced, energy packed breakfast, but by reminding him or her of these simple strategies for beginning and finishing a test well.
  • It starts after the teacher has finished reading the instructions to the entire class. Even after this, your child should remember to read the directions again. This way, if there is any doubt as to what is being required of him or her, the question can be asked immediately
  • Next, your child will do well if he or she reads over the entire test before beginning
  • Those questions which seem the most obvious to your child, should then be answered first. This provides your child with confidence to continue and will provide your child with extra time to complete the more difficult questions
  • After your child has completed the exam, the temptation will be to turn it in as quickly as possible. Encourage your child to leave the test on the desk for just a few more minutes. Have your child think about the responses, go over them, and ensure no small mistakes were made that could affect his or her grade

Now that your child has improved his or her study habits and test taking skills, you’ll likely be pleased with how those tests turn out. However, it is possible that the issue is bigger than the ability to study well or to test well. Your child may be experiencing a legitimate struggle to grasp certain material. Consider assisting your child even further by providing him or her with a tutor to give your child the extra help needed to succeed. For tutoring in Long Grove contact The Tutoring Center at (847) 383-5654.


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