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Summer is a great time to enroll your child in tutoring. Whether they struggled during the school year or excelled, all students can benefit from tutoring over summer break.

All Students Can Benefit from Summer Tutoring

If you've never considered enrolling your child in tutoring because you didn't think they needed it, there are plenty of arguments to convince you otherwise. Whether your child has struggled to keep up in class or excelled in everything academic, tutoring is a great tool they can benefit from.

Students Looking to Get Ahead

  • Prepare for the new school year. A new school year means moving on to a new grade level for all students. This can be quite daunting for many because they know a higher grade level means higher academic expectations and a heavier workload. Don't let your child get overwhelmed by these higher standards, and prepare them to take on the new school year with summer tutoring. Using the summer to prepare for the new school year can even help your child get rid of some of their anxiety related to their new grade level or a new school.
  • Get an academic preview. If your child is advancing to middle school from elementary school or is making the transition into high school, this change can be quite scary. Not only will they be in a new environment, they will most likely also find themselves taking on new classes. Even if they don't know what to expect in terms of academics, a tutor can help them get familiar with state standards. Summer tutoring can lay down a basic foundation of what they can expect in the new school year, helping them start the school year better prepared.

Students Who Want to Catch Up

  • Make up a grade. Let's be honest, failing a class is a reality for many students. If this is the case for your child or if they scored much lower than they know they're capable of, summer is the perfect time to make it up. Summer school is often a great idea for students who want to make up a class or improve a low grade. Help your child reach their potential with the help of summer tutoring. A tutor can help ensure that your child gets the best grade possible over their summer break.
  • Fill in the gaps. There is so much going on during the school year that it's not uncommon for some students to fall behind in a class. Even if they manage to pass with a solid grade, this doesn't always mean they have the class mastered. If your child struggled with a cumulative subject like math, encourage them to use the summer to master all of their lessons. A tutor can help your child really understand all the concepts they were supposed to learn during the school year so that they have an easier time once classes start up again.
Help your child be as prepared as possible for the end of year assessments by enrolling them in tutoring. The Tutoring Center, Long Grove IL can help your child develop better study habits while also helping them master their class lessons. Contact them at (847)383-5654 to learn all about their tutoring approach and to schedule your free consultation.

Basic Benefits of Summer Tutoring

  • Keep an academic routine. Students who don't have any sort of academic routine over the summer often struggle more with the return of school. Keep your child in the habit of completing assignments and studying so that once classes start up again they won't have as much trouble getting back into their school routine.
  • Prevent the summer slideThe summer slide refers to a learning loss that students suffer during the summer if they don't put their school lessons to use for months. By enrolling your child in summer tutoring, you can be sure they'll hold on to the academic advances they made this school year while also being better prepared for the new school year.
  • Study for important exams. Most students who are nearing the end of their high school career are likely looking forward to college entrance exams like the SAT or the ACT. Encourage your child to use their summer break to prepare for these exams. Since they have fewer commitments and academic pressure is reduced during the summer, they will be able to focus on their studying better than during the school year. Look for a summer tutoring program that focuses on studying for these specific exams for the best results.
For more ways to encourage summer learning, check out these tips.

Summer Tutoring in Long Grove, Illinois

Take advantage of the free time your child has during the summer break by enrolling them in summer tutoring. For the best tutoring in Long Grove, contact The Tutoring Center, Long Grove IL. Give them a call at (847)383-5654 to learn all about their academic programs.


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