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Whatever the job your teenager is applying for, they need as much of an advantage as possible. As they travel through their regular learning path there are skills that your child will naturally develop, but this doesn’t mean you can’t give them a head start. Alongside tutoring, The Tutoring Center in Long Grove has some ideas on helping your teenager prepare for their first job application and interview.

Write well! Makr suer there an’t any typos.

If successful, a job application job could lead to your teenager being able to take more financial responsibility for themselves; so make sure they give the application the time it deserves. Once you are both satisfied with how the resume looks, find somebody whose opinion you respect and have them review it.  Asking your teachers can also be a great idea as they may be able to assist you with more targeted vocabulary.

Be prepared for difficult questions.

When applying for jobs at a younger age, it’s a good idea to think about the types of questions potential employers may ask. If applying for a job as a student, your teenager could expect to answer questions relating to showing up for work on time, and whether exams will prevent them from working certain shifts throughout the year. Don’t let this dissuade them as it can also work in their favor!  While your teenager may not be able to work during a period in their academic year, there are other periods, such as summer holidays where they will have complete availability.  This can be a big advantage for some employers as they look to do more business during the warmer months.

Parents are often surprised by how many important skills they are able to teach their child, skills that can really make the difference when applying for jobs. To complement these useful skills, speak with our experts about providing reading, writing, and math help through one-to-one instruction or private tutoring in Long Grove. Call us today at (847) 383-5654 for more information.


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