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How SAT Tutoring Can Make a Difference in Your Child's Scores

If your child is preparing to take the SAT, you probably already know just how important this test is. To help them be as prepared as possible, consider enrolling them in test prep classes. If you're not sure how SAT tutoring can help your child, get to know what it's all about.

Is SAT Tutoring Worth It?

Although there are many tutoring centers that offer tutoring classes focused on SAT preparation, many students choose to take the exam without the extra help. However, SAT prep tutoring can make a positive difference in a student's final score. Since tutors can focus their attention on your child's specific needs and their weaker areas, they are more likely to show improvement and higher results. A tutor can help your child schedule study time and actually complete studying during tutoring hours. The materials which tutors have available may also be better than those that a student can find online, not to mention, many tutors have vast experience preparing students for this specific test. This means they know exactly how the test is structured, what it contains, and how it is presented. This information will not only help your child prepare for the questions on the exam, but it will also help your child feel more comfortable and relaxed as they take the SAT. In the end, a higher score can mean getting into more colleges and even being offered more financial aid awards.

How Tutors Help Students Prepare for the SAT

Even if you know SAT tutoring can help your child achieve a higher score; you may not know exactly what an SAT tutor does. These are some of the most important functions your child's SAT tutor should focus on.

Create a Study Plan

Every student needs to design a study plan that fits their needs and their timeline. An SAT tutor should start by getting to know how much time your child has to prepare for their test date and what their target score is. If your child doesn't know their target score, an SAT tutor can help them research the universities they are interested in to figure out what score they should be aiming for. Once they do this, they should evaluate your child's standing so that they can develop a reasonable plan that will help them reach their goal. Your child's tutor will not only help map out a plan, but they will also ensure that your child's time at tutoring is productive and effective. They can also measure your child's progress with practice tests in order to ensure their study plan is working. If your child could use extra help preparing for the SAT or ACT, The Tutoring Center, Long Grove IL offers classes that can make a difference. Contact their tutors at (847)383-5654 to learn more about their academic programs and how these can help your child be more prepared to take on their exams.

Provide Great Resources

Tutors are a great investment because of the number of resources they have available. An SAT tutor can provide your child with practice exams that are very similar to the actual exam, making the test less intimidating while also measuring your child's progress. Since most tutors have experience working with students as they prepare for the same exam, they also know just what the exam will ask of your child. This means they can prepare your child for the academic part of the exam as well as for the psychological part of it.

Use Mistakes as Learning Tools

If your child is studying alone without a tutor and taking practice tests, they may not be focusing on the right information. While all students may stop and assess their wrong answers on practice tests to see what they did wrong, a tutor can help focus more attention on what is causing these mistakes. They can provide your child with extra practice and feedback so that they don't make the same mistake again.

Measure Progress and Adapt the Learning Plan

As your child's test date gets closer, tutors will continue to measure your child's progress and make adjustments to their study plan. A study plan may help your child improve in their first couple weeks of studying, but what should they do if their progress plateaus? Tutors can help address these issues by modifying the type of practice your child is doing or by changing up their teaching methods. They will always be on the lookout for new ways to help your child continue progressing.

Provide Useful Strategies

The SAT isn't all about knowing the information; it also requires that students understand the format of the test. SAT tutors are well informed about the types of questions, the order they're in, time limits, and wrong answer penalties. They can help your child develop strategies that will ensure they are able to complete the exam calmly and smartly. If your child knows what to expect the day of the test, they will be more confident and will be more likely to produce a higher score.

Tutoring in Long Grove, Illinois

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