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How Reading Tutoring Can Help Your Child Grow

Whether reading is your child's least favorite subject or their favorite class in school, they can always benefit from a bit of reading tutoring. If you're interested in enrolling your child in a reading tutoring program but aren't sure what these programs focus on, get to know the different components of reading tutoring.

Reading Tutoring Areas of Focus

Tutoring focused on reading skills explores many areas in this subject. Since reading isn't a simple skill to tackle, tutors take into account the various components each child needs to master to become an excellent reader. Get to know some of the areas your child's tutor may focus on during tutoring sessions:

Reading Comprehension

Even if your child is great at reading words and breezes through texts, they also need to understand what they're reading. This task requires a bit of multitasking because your child will need to be able to read the words while also processing what it is the text is telling them. After reading a text, a tutor can help your child identify the main concepts and the most important information in the text. They may ask your child questions that will require them to go back to the text and look for the correct information. After a while, you may notice your child is eager to share what they've been reading about instead of just simply moving from one book to the next.

Vocabulary Building

Schools and academic institutions are becoming more and more competitive every year. Whether your child is in elementary school or is getting ready to go off to college, it is important that they take the right steps to build a broad vocabulary. Having a good understanding of words, their roots, their variations, and synonyms will help any student excel in school and the outside world. Reading is a great way to help your child build a broader and stronger vocabulary, but it requires a bit more work than just reading books. A reading tutor can help your child stop and analyze words they are unfamiliar with when they pop up in their reading. Instead of simply copying down the definition of a word, they can take the exercise further and explore synonyms, antonyms, and the words root. Not only will these exercises help with vocabulary building, but they can also help with spelling and writing. The Tutoring Center, Long Grove IL offers a reading tutoring program that can help your child develop better reading skills. Contact The Tutoring Center, Long Grove IL at (847)383-5654 for more information about this program and their other academic programs. Don't forget to schedule your free diagnostic assessment today!

Making Phonetic Connections

Phonics refers to the connection made between written letters and the way they are pronounced in spoken language. Building strong phonetic connections is most commonly done when children are young and just learning to read, but it's never too late to work on this skill. To develop strong phonetic skills, a tutor can help your child identify letters and understand the sounds they are associated with. A tutor can also help your child break down complex words into syllables, making their pronunciation easier to master.

Reading Fluency

Reading fluency refers to a child's ability to read a text at the right pace, correctly, and with the proper expression. This draws on a child's ability to comprehend the text as they read it, their understanding of punctuation and how it affects a text, and their phonetic abilities. If your child's oral reading tends to be choppy, slow, or with minimal expression, they may need help with their reading fluency. You may notice your child is not fond of reading, especially reading out loud in front of a group, if they struggle with reading fluency. A tutor can address all the areas associated with reading fluency, helping your child to become a more fluent reader.

Excel in Reading

Even if your child is an avid reader who excels in the subject, they can develop their skills even further. Help your child go beyond reading simple texts and comprehending them. A tutor can help your child explore advanced reading with more complex texts that require further interpretation and analysis. If your child is getting close to going off to college, developing advanced reading skills will help prepare them for complicated college texts. Advanced reading with a tutor is also a great way to help your child perform well in Advanced Placement high school classes related to literature and their exams.

Enroll Your Child in Reading Tutoring in Long Grove, Illinois

The Tutoring Center, Long Grove IL can help your child excel academically this school year. For more information about all of their academic programs, contact them at (847)383-5654. Don't forget to ask about scheduling your free consultation.


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