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Getting your work done efficiently, to the best of your abilities and with minimal stress are some of the rewards of positively managing your time as you work. Putting off work until the last possible moments will usually put you in a messy situation. In order to avoid the stress of procrastination, The Tutoring Center in Long Grove has some tips to help you make the most of your time.

Write it down

The best way to keep track of assignments and events is to write them down in a planner or calendar as soon as you are told. A planner or calendar will keep deadlines and event dates organized and in order so you can avoid wasting time as you figure out dates. Creating a daily checklist of assignments and activities will help you organize your day. Prioritize your activities by starting with the most important and working your way down. Cross items off your list as you accomplish them, and note the progress you are making. Do your best to get everything on your list done in the time you have set aside.

Dedicate time

Make sure you set aside time each day to get your work done and to study. Not everyone is a morning person, so figure out what time of the day you work best. Before you start tackling your assignments, make sure your work area is clean and will help you avoid distractions. Try your best to avoid social media and distracting electronics that will cause you to lose focus. Remember that you can also take work with you on the go. Time spent on public transportation or waiting for appointments can be used to read or accomplish smaller tasks.

Budget time

After making a checklist, make a plan of action. Set realistic goals in terms of what you want to accomplish and in how much time is required. Once your plan is set, do your best to stick to it. Avoid getting sidetracked or wasting time on unimportant details. Always make sure you give yourself time to relax and enjoy some of your favorite activities. Having enough time to eat, sleep and exercise are essential for your productivity. Rewarding yourself with a healthy snack or time out with friends will help you remain motivated as you move forward.

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The Tutoring Center in Long Grove helps students improve their grades by developing the skills necessary to grow in an academic environment. The one-on-one sessions make it easier to target specific areas you need help with. We offer programs focused in math, reading, writing and test preparation. Contact us at 847 383 5654 for more information about our academic programs or to schedule your free consultation.


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