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Useful Tips to Help Your Child Take on the SATs

If your child is preparing to take the SAT this year, use these tips and strategies to help them prepare.

Look for the Wrong Answers

This may sound like an odd strategy since the point of this exam is to find the correct answer. However, starting by identifying the answer choices that are obviously wrong will help your child narrow down the potential answers. This process, known as the process of elimination, will be especially helpful if your child has no idea what the correct answer is. Teach your child to use this strategy for questions where they get stuck. Inform them that they shouldn't leave any questions blank because the new SAT does not penalize for wrong answers.

Focus on the Easy Ones

The SAT usually presents questions in a sequence from easiest to most difficult. Although they are arranged this way by those who design the test, your child may not always coincide with what is considered easy or hard by them. A great strategy to teach your child is to answer the questions they find easy first. They can focus on getting these questions correct instead of wasting time trying to figure out the answers to questions where they are completely lost. Once they have answered the easy and moderate questions, tell them to move on to the difficult questions. If time is running out, they should focus on answering every question to the best of their ability.

Use the Test Booklet to Your Advantage

The test booklet not only provides your child with the test questions and potential answers, but it's also a great place for them to take notes and work out problems. Since you've already paid for the test, the test booklet is for your child to use as they need. Remind them that they are allowed to underline items, take notes, write down formulas, cross out wrong answers, and do whatever else they need to do to complete the exam.

Avoid Being Sloppy

The SAT is graded by a machine, so it's important that your child keeps their answer sheet neat and clean. Remind them to clearly mark their answers by filling in the bubbles on their answer sheet completely. Avoid stray marks anywhere on the answer sheet since these can confuse the machine. Finally, ensure that your child knows that there is only one correct answer for each question, so there is no reason to fill in two bubbles for one question. Preparing for the SAT can be a difficult task, especially if your child is trying to do it on their own. Luckily, The Tutoring Center, Long Grove IL offers classes that can help them be prepared for the exam. Contact their tutors at (847)383-5654 to learn more about their academic programs.

Tips for the Essay Portion of the SAT

The essay portion of the SAT is a bit different than the rest of the exam. Most of the exam is designed as a multiple choice test, but this portion poses a question, and the student has 25 minutes to respond to it in a cohesive and well-written essay. Since this portion is known to be a bit more stressful, here are some tips that can help your child be better prepared for it.

Stick to a Five Paragraph Essay

Since students generally take the SAT their junior year of high school, they most likely have some practice writing five paragraph essays. This type of essay is ideal for this portion of the exam and isn't difficult to master. A five paragraph essay should include an introduction paragraph that ends with a clear thesis statement, three body paragraphs that support their thesis, and a conclusion paragraph that ties everything together. Your child can use their test booklet to outline their essay and organize their thoughts before they start writing.

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

It's important that your child's essay answers the prompt and that its's cohesive while also showing off their writing abilities. With that said, 25 minutes isn't nearly long enough for your child to write their best essay ever. Since the time given isn't enough time to write a perfect essay, it's important that your child pays attention to the bigger picture and not the small details. Instead of focusing on comma splices, it's more important that they focus on answering the question and using strong supporting evidence for their argument. Finally, they should also focus on keeping their handwriting legible because if the graders can't read their writing, their score will likely be lower.

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Enrolling your child in tutoring can help them reach a higher score on their SATs. To help them prepare for the exam, contact The Tutoring Center, Long Grove IL. Give them a call at (847)383-5654 to learn more about their academic programs.


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