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The start of the school year can be exciting because everything is so new, but what happens when this wears off? Check out these tips to help your child fight the midyear slump.

How to Fight the Midyear Slump

If your child started the school year off strong but their motivation is fizzling out, this isn't uncommon. Most students are at least a bit excited about the start of the school year because it means new adventures and more social time with their friends. After a few months, however, the newness wears off and the thought of having to follow their school routines for what feels like an endless amount of time can cause them to hit a slump. If this is true for your child, check out these tips from The Tutoring Center, Long Grove IL.

Reassess Your Child's Routines

If your child has developed some school time routines, like a morning routine, an after-school routine, and a bedtime routine, this midyear period is the perfect time to reassess them. While routines are great, they need to be assessed and improved every so often. Pay attention to your child's routines and take note of what's working and what isn't. Keep what's working and replace things that aren't with new strategies. For example, if your child starts their homework right after school but they have a hard time concentrating, look for something they can do between the time they get home and when they start their homework that will aid in their concentration. Changing things up a bit can make it a little more exciting for your child, helping them to stay interested.

Check up on Goals

If your child set goals at the start of the school year, now is a great time to follow up on these. Have a chat with your child where you can discuss the goals they set, the progress they've made, and the obstacles that have been a challenge along the way. Some goals may need some adjustments made to their plans of action. Whether your child is on track to meet their goals or if they've had some setbacks, let them know that you're proud of their progress. Help them make the adjustments needed and don't forget to check in on their progress in a couple of months.

Talk to Your Child's Teacher

It can be hard for parents to know everything that's going on in the classroom, so a bit of communication with the teacher isn't a bad idea. With the holiday break period coming up, you can use this parent-teacher communication to get to know your child's current standing and how you can use the break period to help them make more academic gains. Listen to the teacher's advice so that your child's break will be fun and productive. It's easy for students to lose interest in school during this time of the year. Help them find their motivation with a bit of help from tutoring in Long Grove. The Tutoring Center, Long Grove IL offers tons of academic programs that can help all students reach their academic goals. Give them a call at (847) 383- 5654 to learn more.

Find New Motivation

Staying motivated throughout the entire school year is a challenge for all students. If your child has run out of motivation halfway through, don't panic. Look for fun activities that can keep your child interested in their school work. The winter break can help them recharge and get back to school with a refreshed attitude. You can also provide incentives that are educational. For example, celebrate a great report card with a trip to a local museum or with an educational reward like a book they've been looking forward to reading.

Consider Tutoring

It's easy for students who are bored in class to lose any and all motivation to complete their school work. If this seems to be the case with your child, tutoring can provide them with more of a challenge. Students who are having a hard time keeping up with lessons can also become disinterested in their studies. A tutor can help them catch up and prepare for more difficult lessons during tutoring sessions. Whatever the case may be, tutoring is a great option for all students suffering the effects of the midyear slump.

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