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How to Prepare for the ACT

If you're preparing to take the ACT and you're not sure where to begin, The Tutoring Center, Long Grove IL has some tips that can help.

Practice Makes Perfect

Just like with any other exam, practice tests and practice questions will help you prepare for the structure of the exam and the types of questions you will have to answer. There are plenty of resources available to help you get to know how the exam is structured. You can buy books that include practice questions that are worded similarly to exam questions as well as practice tests that will help you prepare for the exam. You can also look up practice tests online to check your study progress. Remember to take these practice tests periodically to check your growth as well as to identify areas that need extra help.

Be Prepared With the Right Items

To avoid stress and anxiety on the day of the exam, be sure you're prepared with the correct items. These items include your admission ticket, a photo ID, a calculator, and number 2 pencils. Log into your account on the exam's website to download and print your exam ticket. Don't wait until the morning of the exam to do it because any malfunction with the system or your printer can cause added stress. Double check the exam's website to make sure your calculator will be allowed during the test.

Test Taking Tips

  1. Skip the most difficult questions. Because the ACT is a timed test, skipping hard questions will help you avoid wasting precious time. Answer the easiest questions first and then go back to the most difficult ones at the end.
  2. Use the process of elimination. If you're having a difficult time choosing an answer, use the process of elimination to remove answers that are obviously wrong. This will help you narrow down the field and get you closer to the correct answer.
  3. Double check your answers. If time permits, go back and check your answers. You may find a mistake in your work or that you bubbled in the wrong answer on a question. In the math section, plug your answer into the equation to be sure it's right.

Tutoring in Long Grove, Illinois

If you need help getting ready for the ACT, The Tutoring Center, Long Grove IL can help you prepare. To learn more about how our tutors can help you be as prepared as possible, contact us at (847)383-5654. For more information about our tutoring approach or to schedule your free consultation, contact us today!


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