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If your children tend to get bored during their summer break, setting goals can help them stay active and learning. Not sure what goals are appropriate for their age? These examples can help.

Summer Goals for Students

Summer break is just around the corner, which means your child is probably very excited for the end of the school year. While summer does provide the perfect break from a strict academic routine, don't let your child get bored this summer. Before their classes end for the school year, sit down with them to establish some goals for the summer that will keep their mind active. Not only will this prevent boredom, it can also help your child avoid the summer slide.

Summer Goals for Elementary School Students

For your young learner, summer presents the perfect opportunity to keep growing. Young minds tend to be curious and get bored easily, so prepare some summer goals that will keep your child's mind active and growing. Below are two examples of summer goals your child may benefit from. Summer reading goals: Before summer arrives, sit down with your child and set some summer reading goals. They can decide on the number of books they want to read per week or for the entire summer. Create a chart where they can keep track of their progress so that they know how they're doing along the way. Consider having some rewards when they hit important milestones to keep them feeling encouraged. Become a strong writer: In order to become a better writer, your child will have to practice this skill often. Luckily, this isn't a hard task to take on. A great goal for your child can be to write daily for at least 15 minutes. Your child doesn't have to stick to academic writing in order for this to be useful. Give your child a new journal at the start of summer that they can use to record their thoughts, their memories, or to write short stories. Allow them to write whatever they want without the pressure of having to turn in their writing for review. This will make the activity more fun while allowing them to develop their writing skills.

Summer Goals for Middle School Students

If your middle school student is just finding their voice and their passions in life, encourage them to explore these interests further. Use the summer break to encourage them to pursue their interests and develop their self-confidence with these types of goals. Sign up for an extracurricular activity: If your child hasn't found anything they're interested in or passionate about, encourage them to enroll in an extracurricular activity this summer. They can find their passion, make new friends, and even develop their self-esteem all at once. Take on a personal project: Summer is the perfect time for students who have found something they're passionate about to develop this interest even further. Help your child take on a personal project this summer that will allow them to explore their passion further. For example, maybe your child wants to start a blog or create a community organization to help the needy. Help them along the way so that they can see their project come to life. Help your child accomplish their summer goals by enrolling them in summer tutoring in Long Grove. Check out the academic programs offered at The Tutoring Center, Long Grove IL to get your child closer to their goals. To learn more, contact them at (847)383- 5654.

Summer Goals for High School Students

High school students are just steps away from becoming adults in the real world. Help your high schooler prepare for the real world and for college life with goals that will help them develop useful life skills. Check out these examples of goals they can benefit from this summer. Develop useful life skills: As your child gets closer to adulthood, help them develop useful life skills that will come in handy when they're out in the real world. Your child can develop new skills by getting a summer job, taking in an internship, or even volunteering in the community. Not only will they develop useful skills, these types of activities will also look great on their college applications. Get ahead in school: If your child will be applying to college this school year, encourage them to use the summer to get ahead in school and on college applications. The summer can be used to sort out everything they will need for their applications, they can study for the SAT, and they can even take summer classes to get ahead. Check out the local community college for summer courses they can use to get more school credits or even to get ahead on college credits.

Summer Tutoring in Long Grove, IL

Help your child's mind stay active this summer with the help of tutoring in Long Grove. Contact The Tutoring Center, Long Grove at (847)383-5654 to enroll your child in a great academic program that can help them reach their academic goals.


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