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If your child is starting their junior or senior year of high school, college is likely on their radar. Help them start their college preparations with these tips.

Help Your Child Prepare for College Applications This Summer

If your child is getting awfully close to applying to college, why not start taking serious steps towards it? Take advantage of the extra free time they have during summer break to help them solidify their college preparations. If you're not sure where to start, use these tips.

Study for College Exams

Before college applications can be sent in, college entrance exams must be taken. It is highly recommended that juniors take the practice SAT or PSAT as part of their preparation schedule. This will help them get a better understanding of how the test works and their current standing. After taking the practice SAT, your child will understand how the timing works and the structure of the test. It's a great way to make study plans for the real thing. Encourage your child to use their free time this summer to study for the SAT as well as the ACT. They can take summer courses or enroll in summer tutoring classes focused on preparing for college exams. Personal statements are another important aspect of college applications. Help your child write a winning personal statement with these tips.

Gather Their Accomplishments

College admissions offices don't only look at your child's GPA and test scores, they also take into account their accomplishments and involvement in their community. Sit down with your child and make a list of their academic and social accomplishments as well as awards through the years. Make another list of the activities they've participated in, including clubs, sports, and any other extracurricular activities that can help highlight their passions and strengths. Be sure to make a note of any leadership positions they held in these activities, such as being soccer captain, yearbook editor, or president of the French club. Finally, make a list of their volunteer work, internships, and any jobs they've held while in school. Remember that these activities give them a chance to stand out above other applicants.

Explore Majors and Career Options

Next, talk to your child about majors they're considering or careers they're interested in. This will help you both work together to find the best schools for these interests. Look at universities based on their strongest majors, taking into consideration the opportunities they present their students. Some schools may be better connected in terms of internship opportunities and job offers upon graduation. Use the internet to explore their majors and don't be afraid to call the school for more information. Help your child be prepared to take on their college entrance exams with summer tutoring classes. Get them help at The Tutoring Center, Long Grove IL this summer. Contact their tutors at (847)383- 5654 to learn about the academic programs they offer.

Narrow Down College Choices

Once you've considered schools based on majors, help your child narrow down their search further by considering other factors. Let your child decide where they want to go to school. They may be looking for something close to home or in another part of the state or country. It's also a good idea to research the types of financial aid and scholarships offered by different schools. Other things to have your child consider include whether they want to attend a small school or a large school, do they prefer a liberal arts college or one that is known nationally for its football team?  Is religion something they want to be a part of their college education? Is Greek life important to them? Remember to let them make these choices and do your best to be supportive and helpful.

Understand Entrance Requirements

Not all schools have the same entrance requirements, so it's important that your child understands the requirements of each school they're applying to. Some schools may have the same college application process while others may ask for letters of recommendation, a portfolio of their work, and different personal statements. Once these requirements are clear, create a calendar of deadlines for each and be sure to turn these items in on time.

Look for Additional Help

Applying to college isn't exactly easy, so don't be afraid to admit you don't know how something works. Even if you attended college, you may be surprised to learn how much the process has changed. If needed, stay in touch with admissions offices, financial aid offices, and your child's school counselor to be sure everything is moving smoothly. Your child may also have great resources around them, including friends who are currently attending college and who recently went through the application process. To help your child with college applications through the school year, use this checklist.

Tutoring to Prepare for College in Long Grove, Illinois

Tutoring in Long Grove is a great way to help your child prepare for a successful future. Enroll them in summer tutoring at The Tutoring Center, Long Grove IL by calling their learning center at (847)383-5654.


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