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As winter approaches so does the winter break. Use these tips to ensure your child uses this time wisely and to their advantage.

How to Use Winter Break to Get Ahead

You and your child are probably eagerly awaiting the arrival of winter break but for very different reasons. While you may be looking forward to family time, they may be looking forward to sleeping in and playing video games. Whatever it is you have planned, be sure to include some academic activities during the break. These tips can help you ensure your child uses their break wisely and productively.

Have a Plan

Before winter break arrives, put together a plan that will ensure no time is wasted. Sit down with your child and come up with some goals they want to accomplish over break. These goals will help you put together a winter break plan. Your child can focus their attention on one large goal or a couple small goals that will ensure productivity. By doing this, their break will have some structure and purpose, reducing wasted time. Remember to give your child some free time to enjoy the holidays and their time off school.

Maintain Certain Skills

Your child has been working hard for months acquiring new skills and knowledge. Not putting some of this to use for a few weeks can cause your child to forget some skills or become a bit rusty. Foreign language skills, musical abilities, sports techniques, and other skills can all become rusty if your child simply stops practicing them. To ensure this doesn't happen, encourage your child to use their skills. They don't necessarily have to bury themselves in textbooks over winter break, but occasional practice can make a huge difference. Watching a foreign film together, having your child play some holiday music as you bake, or practicing their sport together can be enough for them to retain the skills they've worked hard to master.

Reflect on the Past Semester

If winter break arrives at the end of the semester or quarter, it gives your child the perfect opportunity for reflection. Have them look at their fall semester grades and ask if the grades they got were what they expected. You can also ask what they could have done differently to get better notes or struggle less. Have your child list things they would like to change the next semester or things that may help them improve. Offer your support and ask how you can contribute to their successes. If your child tends to get bored at home during winter break, tutoring can help keep them on their toes. Enroll your child in a tutoring class at The Tutoring Center, Long Grove IL this winter. They offer a number of academic programs which can help your child be better prepared for their return to school. Contact The Tutoring Center, Long Grove IL at (847)383- 5654 for more information

Take a Winter Class

If your child is prone to getting bored at home during school breaks, why not enroll them in a winter class? There are plenty of local community colleges that offer short winter classes for students looking to get ahead. You can also look for online classes that your child can complete without even leaving home. Your child can try a class on a new subject, earn school credits, and even get a head start on a class they're taking next semester. If your child is interested in a class with a not-so-academic focus, look for sports classes, dance, cooking, or other fun types of classes that can also benefit them academically.

Focus on College

Winter break can be used to prepare for many aspects of college and college applications. Your child can research majors, universities, and scholarships in order to be more prepared for when it comes time to apply. Your child can also use this time to start planning and writing personal statements or figuring out how to fill out their FAFSA.

Get a Head Start

If your child is expecting the next semester to be a bit more challenging, encourage them to use winter break to prepare. Have them ask their teacher for tips that can help them prepare for next semester. Their teacher can let them know what reading to do, what topics to research, and even what lessons they'll be covering. This work will prove to be very useful during the semester, especially if your child tends to get overwhelmed by all of their classes.

Winter Tutoring in Long Grove, IL

Help your child get ahead this winter break by enrolling them in tutoring in Long Grove. Contact The Tutoring Center, Long Grove to learn more about the academic programs they offer. Give them a call at (847)383-5654 to schedule your free diagnostic assessment.


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