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Signs That Indicate Your Child Can Benefit From Math Tutoring

Math is a subject that many students struggle with. However, if your child presents the following signs, they may need extra help keeping up.

Your Child's Math Grades Are Lower Than Their Other Grades

If your child likes school and...

How ACT Tutoring Can Help Your Child Perform Their Best on the Exam

If your child is preparing to take the ACT this school year and needs help preparing, an ACT tutor may be the right answer. The Tutoring Center, Long Grove IL has some tips that can help you find the perfect ACT tutor for your...

Prepare Your Child for the New School Year With Summer Tutoring

For many students, the school year can seem eternal. The early mornings, the piles of homework, and the stress-inducing exams that they associate with school make the arrival of summer break something to look forward to. Even though...

How to Prepare for the ACT

If you're preparing to take the ACT and you're not sure where to begin, The Tutoring Center, Long Grove IL has some tips that can help.

Practice Makes Perfect

Just like with any other exam, practice tests and practice questions will help you prepare for the structure of...

Understanding the ACT Exam

If your child is nearing the end of their high school years and looking forward to the next chapter in their academic lives, it's important that they understand college entrance requirements. Among the many requirements are college entrance exams. While the SAT is the...

How to Encourage Your Child to Read This Summer

It's no secret that most children look forward to the summer because of the break they get from school. While it's ok to let your child sleep in once in a while, it's important that not all summer break be spent away from academic activities. To...

How to Keep Your Child's Mind Active This Summer

Before school lets out for summer and you suddenly realize you have nothing planned for your child, don't stress. Instead of allowing your child to sleep in daily and pass the days playing video games, consider these fun and educational summer...

Tips to Solve Hard Math Problems

When confronted with a difficult math problem, most students want to give up before even trying to solve it. Confusing language, complicated formulas, and tricky numbers can all cause panic, especially in students who don't enjoy math. The next time you find...

Practice Healthy Eating Habits for Improved Academic Performance

Most people think academic success is the result of paying attention in class, studying a lot, and performing well on exams. While all of this is true, being able to perform those tasks successfully is achieved more easily through...

Drawing as a Visual Learning Technique

If you have a visual learner at home, you've probably noticed they have a better understanding of concepts when they can visualize them. Your child may draw pictures, graphs or other visual items in order to help them study and retain information....


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